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My daughter is 18 years old high school senior. About one month

Customer Question

My daughter is 18 years old high school senior. About one month ago she texted me from schoold sayong that she just heard rumor about her. The rumor was that she has herpes!! We were in shock. Absolutely not true. Thats why we didn't take it as serious as we should've. Since then she has been asked by almost every kid in school if it was true, multiple times a day. Finally tosay she broke sown she called me crying saying she can't take it anymore.. she just started seein g one guy from school and they went to the prom together. They are just starting to know each other and falling in love...she is so embarrassed by the rumors that she doesn't want to go to school...she is so sad.
instead of enjoying her last day of high school she is in during such a horrible situation.
I am planning on going to the school tomorrow and see what the principal will have to say, even though I am not aurr if I have any expectations.
There is no info on who started it.
pkease help me put the smile back on my daughter face.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Education Law
Expert:  Roger replied 2 years ago.
Hi - my name is ***** ***** I'm a litigation attorney. I'll be glad to assist.
I have 4 daughters of my own, so I can certainly relate to the situation and I know how cruel children can be. That said, this is a very tough situation, and there's not a lot of legal relief if you can't pinpoint who the person was that started the rumor. Obviously, if you can't determine who said it, you can't sue for harassment, defamation, etc.
However, you do have the right to ask the school to investigate the matter and try to find out who is responsible for the rumor and ask the school to take action against the person if someone is discovered.
If you don't get help from the principal, you can take the matter to the school board and demand action be taken on this.
Also, if you can discover who is can take legal action for a restraining order or to keep the person away from your daughter. Also you may have a claim for defamation depending on the facts.
But, the first step is to see the principal and see what he/she knows and what the plan going forward is.

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