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I have a question regarding the McKinney Vento Act. I will

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This question was assigned to "Military Law," but I believe it should be considered "Education Law". I'm unable to change the category. The question is in regard to the McKinney Vento Act. I will be moving from Colorado to Texas in August. I'm a government civilian being involuntarily transferred on government orders. Initially, my daughter and I will be staying in a hotel in the school district I want her to attend. We will then stay in temporary corporate housing (paid for by the government) in another district (1-2 months) while I look for permanent housing. The permanent housing will be in the original school district. The school has told me that if I leave the district for any reason, I would have to either pay tuition or change schools, then change again when I move back into the district. Wouldn't the McKinney Vento Act apply in this situation, since we were initially living in a hotel due to loss of permanent housing?


Thank you for the information and your question and I agree that this should be in Education Law and asked for it to be recategorized, but since it is Saturday, movement on that is slow. But, I am an Expert in both categories, so I can respond to your question.

Unfortunately, although it would be ideal if the Mckinney Vento Act applied to your situation, it does not. As you can imagine, the Act was written for the protection of children and their families who are victims of economic and domestic violence homelessness and not families who are transferred with a job. The income of the family and their economic ability to find adequate shelter is key to this Act.

The definition of "homeless children and youths" can be seen at:
Also, the term is further defined at:

What the school district told you was legally correct. That said, there might be a creative way to use someone's address who lives in this school district for the period of time you are temporarily out of it. If not, then if you really want your child to stay in the school from the get go, then temporarily paying tuition, is your only other option.

Please let me know if you need any clarification. I would be glad to assist you further if I can.
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