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If a school falsifies an IEP. Completely changes the child

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If a school falsifies an IEP. Completely changes the child personality in the IEP as they said they would (First he was a child was immature, art work immature) . Then took the Completely different stance saying he was defiant, argumentive (etc) complete opposite of personality. (they did this after our doctor states the school can't ask you tomedicate or prediagnose with ADHD. (so they caome back with wiboth). They did not test the child changed personality and reports and testing (not enough time with functions, child being sick, etc). We aeask when did this change teacher states (she changed her mind and after the meds) which is a complete lie. (he has never been mean spirited). But we find out a party they have done to other kids. Scared we try and just kiss up until get him out. We tape the meeting everything they say on paper is complete opposite of what is said.
Falsified a BSP plan for the following year. It has false names of people who are not at that school or have moved

I would go to an attorney who handles education cases and sue the school board for what they have done to your child. I also would make copies of the records in your possession and contact the investigative reporters at the local TV stations and newspaper and see if they are interested in the story. See if the parents of the other children whose records were falsified or changed will file suit with you. This appears to be a recurring pattern and needs to be stopped. (I say this as the parent of a child who was in special ed her entire school time).

There may be criminal actions available for altering governmental records but more likely the best course of action is going to be in the civil courts. Still, it may be a good idea to present the evidence you have to district attorney's office to see if there is interest in pursuing criminal charges or starting a grand jury investigation.

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