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GeekGal, Electronics Support Tech
Category: E-Readers
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Experience:  MIS degree and 15+ years experience supporting electronics of all kinds
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I have a Kindle Fire that will not respond. All that will

Customer Question

I have a Kindle Fire that will not respond. All that will come up when turning it on is advertisements and I cannot get past that. I have tried holding the power switch for 15 seconds and that did not help. What can I do now.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: E-Readers
Expert:  GeekGal replied 1 year ago.

Hi there! My name is***** am a computer professional with over 15 years of experience with both Mac and Windows. I'm sorry that you're having this issue. It would be my pleasure to help you resolve this. Can you tell me please what model of Kindle you have? If you aren't sure, look for a serial number. That may help me to determine the model number.

Expert:  GeekGal replied 1 year ago.

You did the right thing by trying a "soft reset" but, since that didn't work we will need to try a factory reset. Remove the charger from the Kindle (if it is connected) and hold the power button or switch in the OFF position for a FULL 40 SECONDS. This should reset the Kindle to factory defaults. You will know that it successfully reset to factory defaults, if it reset the Kindle back to the way it was when you took it out of the box. Did it do that? If not, please try it again, being sure to hold the power button for a FULL 40 seconds. If it did require you to set it up again, then the factory reset was successful.

If you do have to reset it to factory defaults, you don't have to be concerned about losing your books. The books that you have purchased from your Kindle will continue to be available at the Amazon website under My CONTENT if you should wish to download them again at some point in the future.

If this doesn't work for you, please tell me exact model of your Kindle. If you're not sure, please look for a serial number. If you can't find it on the Kindle itself, you can find it on the Manage Your Kindle page of your Amazon account (in the Manage Your Devices section).

Expert:  GeekGal replied 1 year ago.

Please give this a try and let me know how it works for you. If this solves the problem, would you mind taking a moment to rate my service? You can give your rating by selecting the stars located on the top right of the question page. I'd really appreciate it! Without a positive rating I am not credited for my answer. If this doesn't solve the problem be sure to let me know so we can continue troubleshooting.

Expert:  GeekGal replied 1 year ago.

Peg, I'm sorry but payment for your phone call did not go through. Often this is simply because your bank sees a second charge to the same company and suspects something is amiss. You can usually clear it up either by calling them or by using a different card.

I did see the second message that you posted. It has been closed to keep you from being charged twice for the same question but I did get the model and serial number from the question.

Since your Kindle is a Kindle Fire, you should be able to a factory reset from the Amazon website here ( You'll need to login using your Amazon username and password. Go to MY ACCOUNT> MANAGE CONTENT & DEVICES and then click on the device tab. If it is available, you'll see REMOTE FACTORY RESET as an option in the drop down menu under DEVICE ACTIONS. Please note: The Fire’s battery needs to be charged to at least 30% and it must be connected to a Wi-Fi network. If this doesn't work, or of the option is not available for your Kindle, please let me know.

You may also notice an option that allows you to pay to remove advertising from your Kindle if that's something that you would like to do.