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How do I delete items from my Kindle Archives, permanently

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How do I delete items from my Kindle Archives, permanently

Hi to completely remove the book from your account, need to go online to Your Kindle Page and click on the ACTIONS tab on the right of the title and select DELETE to have it removed.

Your Kindle Library

Click the Actions button on the right to:

  • Send a title to a compatible registered Kindle device or reading app
  • Deliver past issues of subscription content to an eligible Kindle device or reading app, or cancel a subscription
  • Download a title or issue of a subscription to your computer and transfer it to your Kindle device via USB
  • Delete a title from your Kindle Library


Well hope that helps and get things cleaned up aye.


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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Your solution is mostly effective. However, the icon of the deleted items is not deleted from the archive list of titles as shown on my iPad, which I often use to read Kindle books. It remains in the archive file on the iPad, but cannot be actually retrieved and read, either on the iPad or my Kindle. The item is removed from the archive list on the kindle. If you can tell me how to remove the icon from the archive list of titles, it would be more helpful. In the meantime, I will give you an OK, overall

Deleting a title from your Kindle Library permanently removes it from your Amazon account. You'll no longer have access to re-download the title unless you purchase it again. Existing copies of the deleted item already on your device will not be removed unless you delete them directly from the device.


To remove individual items from the Home screen, tap and hold the cover of an item, and then tap "Remove from device." Content that is purchased from the Kindle Store is archived and can be re-downloaded at any time; sideloaded content and personal documents that are not archived in your Kindle Library are permanently deleted.


Please then Close the Kindle application & then re-launch the Kindle application, so that is updated.

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