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My Kindle will not connect to the internet

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My Kindle Fire sometimes does not connect to the internet even though the house Wi-Fi is working. The WI-Fi symbol on the Kindle shows a subscript 'x' next to the symbol.

Do you know what is happening?

Sometimes it is a firmware glitch that causes this temporary loss, if it happens again, please use these steps:

Please slide and hold the power switch (or on newer models, press and hold the power button) for 30 whole seconds, then release it. This resets the unit and it should load back up after several minutes. Then from the Home screen on your Kindle:

Tap the Quick Settings symbol in the top right hand corner.
Tap Wi-Fi.
Make sure Wireless Networking is switched to on.
Eventually a list of networks will appear. If your network doesn't show switch off the Wireless Network, then back on.
Now tap your network, it will take you to a screen asking for a password, in the bottom right select Forget.
Go back to the network list and try to reconnect to your network now.
If it still won't connect tap Advanced Settings and make sure Static IP is set to "Off".
Now try to connect to your network again.

That should fix it, if it doesn't and you experience the same problem, it may be a signal strength issue with the router. Please try these instructions at this link, click HERE. They contain everything you can do to increase the signal strength with the current router you have and that should help with the issue.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

I will have to try it next time I have this problem.

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