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My kindle fire has and X under the wi-fi symbol up in the right

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My kindle fire has and X under the wi-fi symbol up in the right upper corner. What does this mean and is that why I cannot surf the web?
Hello and welcome, my name isXXXXX look forward to assisting you today.

Yes it means the wifi is not connected. Lets try these steps:

Please slide and hold the power switch (or on newer models, press and hold the power button) for 30 whole seconds, then release it. This resets the unit and it should load back up after several minutes. Then from the Home screen on your Kindle:

Tap the Quick Settings symbol in the top right hand corner.
Tap Wifi.
Make sure Wireless Networking is switched to on.
Eventually a list of networks will appear. If your network doesn't show switch off the Wireless Network, then back on.
Now tap your network, it will take you to a screen asking for a password, in the bottom right select Forget.
Go back to the network list and try to reconnect to your network now.
If it still won't connect tap Advanced Settings and make sure Static IP is set to "Off".
Now try to connect to your network again.

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Thank you,
Bernie K.
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Hi Joyce,

I just wanted to follow up and see how the Kindle is doing. Were you able to use my steps to resolve your issue? I'd love to know and of course if you still need any further help or info we can continue as well.

Thank you,