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I have a Amazon Kindle with keyboard. The screen is frozen

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I have a Amazon Kindle with keyboard. The screen is frozen for 3/4 (from the top) with the Jane Austin photo with white lines going down through the screen. Underneath I can see the index of the Kindle with no stripes through the screen. I have tried to charge the Kindle and then held the power switch for 20 seconds. The screen stays the same. Also, the green light is on when I have charged the Kindle for a few hours but when I turn it on, the red light turns on immediately and the Kindle does not want to react to anything.

Could you help me please?

Kind regards
If that did not work, most likely it's a hardware failure, but let's try to force a reboot. If you have a leather cover on it, remove it. The battery charging circuits are controlled by the software as well. If the software isn't allowing the Kindle to accept a proper charge, it may cause the Kindle to malfunction too. Plug the Kindle into the charger for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes and while still plugged in, slide or press and hold the switch for one minute. Make sure you don't disconnect the power during this entire process. Allow 3 minutes afterward for the Kindle to reboot. If this doesn't correct the problem, let me know the approximate purchase date of your Kindle.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Hello Rob

Unfortunately, this has not helped. The screen is still the same although I could see on the bottom of the page that the device has re-booted.
The top 3/4 of the screen is still showing the same photo with white lines through it.

I bought this Kindle about 4 years ago.

Kind regards
Oh wow. That's a very old Kindle.

You have a few options at this point, but repairing it wouldn't be one of my choices due to the cost involved.

Contact Kindle Support at THIS LINK. For a trade-in fee, they will ship a replacement out to you. When you receive it, register it to your Kindle account and you will have immediate access to your books in your archives.

However, a better option is just to purchase one brand new for just $79 CLICK HERE if you want information on the new line of Kindles.

Your other options are to read your books on other devices for free (you don't actually need a Kindle at all) using free applications for iPad, iPhone, iTouch, Blackberry, PC, or Mac. If you wish help in doing this let me know.
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