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Dr Stan
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I have a Peth test on tomorrow, 7/31. I last drank on 7/15

Customer Question

I have a Peth test on tomorrow, 7/31. I last drank on 7/15 but it was several mixed drinks (vodka). I also drank on 7/11 (4 mixed drinks, 2 glasses of wine), and on 7/8 (2 beers and a glass of wine). I have not had any other alcohol. Any likelihood that I could pass the Peth test?
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Drug Testing
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 2 months ago.

Hello this is Dr. Stan and I will assist you with your question today. I am U.S. trained,

Board Certified and I have 32 years of patient experience. I am happy to help you.

The PeTH test is primarily to evaluate binge drinking and can be positive for 2-3 weeks after the last consumption of alcohol. In your case, it does not seem that your alcohol consumption is excessive enough to be classified as "binge" drinking. With that said, you will most likely pass this test.

Thank you for allowing me to provide assistance.

I am available to answer any additional questions you may have.

I hope your medical problem(s) are resolved soon and you feel better. If you find the information I provided helpful, so I am compensated for my service, please rate me with 5-Stars. Thank you

Expert:  Dr Stan replied 2 months ago.

Any additional thoughts, questions?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
my understanding is there are 2 ways to analyze Peth results: LC-MS/MS - which is mass specific and can detect even small amounts of ETOH and HPLC - which looks at a specific cut-off. Do you know anything about this? I assume it would matter as to what level of detection the test is set up.
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 2 months ago.

LC-MS/MS is a mass spectrometry test that measures a range of metabolites for alcohol. The ETOH HPLC tests for any alcohol metabolite in the blood. If you are being treated for chronic alcohol abuse and the tester wants to know if you have consumed any alcohol within the past 30 days, then HPLC will be used. If the tester wants to see if you are consuming alcohol, but not excessively, then they may do the LC-MS/MS method.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
My test is to see if I have consumed any alcohol, so in that case I believe LC-MS/MS method will be used. If so, given what I have consumed, in your opinion would it show up if I am tested as early as tomorrow?
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 2 months ago.

The test can be positive for up to 30 days, but usually 15 days. So, since your last alcohol intake was 15 days ago, it will be very iffy, you may test negative, but there are no guarantees. Red blood cells live approximately 120 days and this is what is being tested. If possible prolong the testing for another week.

Expert:  Dr Stan replied 2 months ago.

Did I adequately reply to your concerns?

Expert:  Dr Stan replied 2 months ago.

Did you get the result of your test?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
No, I was just tested yesterday. This is the lab that tested me: USTDL and it was a PETH test. They drew blood and sent it out. In the 21 days prior to the test, I had 2 episodes of drinking. Both would have been considered "binge" drinking: one on 7/11 and one on 7/15. I had not had any alcohol in between. The test was on 7/31. I did donate blood on 7/20. I don't know if that matters.
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 2 months ago.

No, giving blood will not affect the outcome of the test. Please let me know if you passed when you get the result.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I will. I have feeling that I won't pass it. Is that your best guess? I'm trying to be realistic. Not sure if I have any chance or not.
Expert:  Dr Stan replied 2 months ago.

There is a slight chance.