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I take urine drug test regularly for pain care I take

Customer Question

I take urine drug test regularly for pain care I take Oxycotin /morphine. But I tested positive for hydrocodone I didnt take any. I had some health issues were I had to take some antibiotics.metronidazole/ciprofloxacin/dicyclomine /an w b at ever the ER gave me an I told them that I was in a contract with pain care for my on going care so I couldn't take anything to mess that up
Submitted: 3 months ago via AskDocWeb.
Category: Drug Testing
Expert:  GauravMD replied 3 months ago.


Because all these drugs (Morphine, Oxycontin & Hydrocodone) are types of opiates, there can be False-positive screens are the result of cross-reactivity to the antibody in EIA (ELISA based IMMUNOASSAYS)

This is something that will usually be corrected when the GC/MS test is done.

Talk to your treating doctor regarding the same, ask them to do a confirmatory GC/MS test, and the actual drug will be confirmed,

Warm regards