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Dr. Captain
Dr. Captain, Physician
Category: Drug Testing
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Experience:  A family doctor, with medical and residency training in Boston, MA, patients of all ages and wide range of illnesses.
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Continuing from a previous coversation. Can I refuse to do a

Customer Question

Continuing from a previous coversation. Can I refuse to do a urine test tomorrow when I return to pain management to hear about the lab results being positive for a benzoid last week with my pain management doctor, especially because I don't want any more tramodol or controlled substances from him?? I made the mistake of taking a valium i had left over from an older prescription to help me sleep, was the last one and i through bottle out, and it came up in last weeks urine test, but i knew better not to mix with tramodol and i even checked the timing with my pharmacy. I didn't take any bezoids since last week's appointment and urine test, and don't have any more and don't want to take them even if I did. I don't want the tramodol any more, i can just take the muscle relaxer He gives me or Advil. Not worth the stress he put me through to find prescription records and get clearance to have him prescribe tramodol again. It could take me a month or more to get the records, if I can find them. So can I just tell him I don't want the tramodol and don't want to go crazy looking for proof of such an old prescription? Could that help solve the this big ordeal and searching for records.
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Drug Testing
Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 7 months ago.

Hi there! So sorry for the delay - had some personal emergencies.

Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 7 months ago.

To answer your specific questions, you can always refuse testing. Your body is your body, and you are entitled to do with it exactly as suits your needs. Nobody can compel you to do anything you do not willingly want to do, at least not without legal ramifications. You're quite smart to be concerned about mixing the benzodiazepine with the tramadol, but I'm glad everything turned out ok (with respect to your body's effects)... of course, I'm sorry it has become an issue with the testing results! I agree - all this stress over the silly results is so not worth the minimal benefit you've been getting from the medications! What a pain in the behind this has been for you! You can certainly just tell him you don't want the tramadol, and also don't want to deal with the hassle of searching out the prescription that you know you were given. (You could try checking with the pharmacy you used to fill it too, if you wanted) I think this may indeed help to just put this whole ordeal behind you. Time to move on and just let this stress die off, I think!

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Thanks. Need to rate so please re open rating bar.
Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 7 months ago.

Are there any other questions or concerns that I can help with?

Expert:  Dr. Captain replied 7 months ago.

I feel bad that I wasn't available to help you more quickly - can I make it up to you?