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I have to take urine screens the name of the screen is J-75

Customer Question

I have to take urine screens the name of the screen is J-75 14 it is tested by Redwood Toxicology . I know they test for alcohol using etg the method is called EIA the cutoff is 100ng/mL . I have passed this test in the past using synthetic urine. I have for the first time seen the test summary paperwork. the date I took the test I used synthetic urine and passed. as I look at the paper it says that they performed a specimen validity test called specific gravity the result was 1.017 the method was called colorimetric. the reference range 1.003-1.045 I consumed alcohol on 10/0716 the exact amount I'm not sure but I do know I drank at least 12 drinks in less than a 6 hr period the last one being near midnight. there is a strong possibilitie that I will be required to submit to another test on 10/10/16 before 3:30 pm. if not almost positively on 10/11/16 by 3:30 pm this is est time zone. I cannot cancel the tests if they are requested of me. so my question is if I am asked to take one on 10/10/16 should I use the synthetic urine because I think the etg test will reveal my drinking but what about if I don't have to take one until 10/11/16 could I possibly pass then
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Drug Testing
Expert:  Dr. D. Love replied 11 months ago.

The EtG test may detect alcohol use up to 80 hours after stopping the alcohol. In reality, the vast majority of people will become negative well before 80 hours, usually within 48 hours. But if someone wants certainty that they will pass an EtG test, it would be appropriate to be concerned for up to 80 hours after the test.

If you stopped alcohol intake at midnight on 10/7, then any test on the afternoon of 10/11 will be past the 80 hour window, so there is no reason for concern in that situation.