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My mom is dying in my home with help from Hospice program.

Customer Question

My mom is dying in my home with help from Hospice program. She has brain,spinal and 4th stage lung cancer. I retired from Child Protective Services 2006 and hit a deer on motorcycle which caused the tbi and broke 37 bones. Have been on heavy narcotics and zanax ever since then. Now with ma dying in my presence I'm taking more zanax than prescribed but not with the narcotics. When I requested respite care after 3 months caring for her she left my home going back to her home 3 blocks away. Police got called as she was falling a lot and is totally incompetent. After noticing her missing from my home for 5 minutes I got in car and found her trying to make it to her home 3 blocks from my home. Police got called and said I was to impaired to drive even tho it was an emergency. So I was arrested and blood taken to see if I was over a therapeutic level. Will the test show I took to many? And the way I took them was by snorting them. Please help as I'm not a bad guy and never took pills prior to the accident where I hit deer on motorcycle and was given 5 percent chance of living after being revived 3 times. I'm also a former paramedic.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Drug Testing
Expert:  Dr. David replied 2 years ago.
This is Dr. David
screening urine tests will not test blood levels and do not test for how you are taking the xanax.
but if the cops have assessed you were too impaired to drive, it doesn't matter how you were taking the xanax or heavy narcotics.
if you are in that much pain and taking heavy narcotics and xanax, this can be very dangerous and keep you from being able to operate a motor vehicle.