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Family Physician
Family Physician, Board Certified MRO
Category: Drug Testing
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Experience:  Medical Review Officer - Physician Trained and certified in drug test interpretation
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Inconclusive DOT drug test! What do I do?

Resolved Question:

I had a urine DOT drug test that came back inconclusive and I had to retest. What can I do to argue the fact that I am drug free and convince the DOT physician that I have a good reason it is inconclusive? I need my job and I had drank a lot of water. I also think it was tampered with. I take a diuretic but he would not tell me if it was the reason. It was not tampered with and the second test was observed. What will I do if it comes back inconclusive?

Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Drug Testing
Expert:  Family Physician replied 5 years ago.
An inconclusive is NOT a failure under DOT rules. It is not grounds for disciplinary actions under the DOT Part 40 rules.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dear expert I need more info. I explained I took a second one. What can I do if it comes back inconclusive? Do I have an argument to keep my employment?

Expert:  Family Physician replied 5 years ago.

An invalid result can occur for a number of reasons including use of agents designed to mask or otherwise influence the test results.

Were you taking any medications, vitamins, supplements or "detox" or products designed to beat drug tests?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Yes sir I take a diuretic and BP meds. I have high blood pressure and I'm a cancer survivo. I had liver and thyroid and cancer free for 2 yrs. I take antioxidents and benifiber and drink lots of apple and pomegranate juice. No detox and I don't use drugs

Expert:  Family Physician replied 5 years ago.
The specific reason why your test was reported as "invalid" could be as simple as a high pH (which can come from storage for extended periods at room temperature). I would suggest backing off on the antioxidants, as this could potentially influence your urine pH.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i was told more water than urine, im sorry doctor but if im gonna have a leg to stand on i need to no about the second test, it was collected at 830a.m. on tuesday morning and i was just told an hour ago that the lab that collected it under supervision, just sent it off to the doctor, im scared it will come back inconclusive also, i made sure no water but i did drink lots of apple juice. if you can clarify this much more i will accept answer. i just have to be sure my family is my sole responsibility i cant let incompitance make loose my job
Expert:  Family Physician replied 5 years ago.
I'm not sure I understand; "More water than urine".... Did they tell you that this was the reason why your specimen was inconclusive?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
sir , i work in the pipeline field and had worked all day took my med in the a.m. and drank alot of water prior to my collection at 450 p.m.its texas its hot
Expert:  Family Physician replied 5 years ago.
I understand that it is hot, ut the large amount of fluid intake may have been enough to dilute the specimen too much, lowering your urine specific gravity and urine creatinine below levels considered normal for human urine.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

ok last thing i took a observed urine drug test on tuesday morning and was told today at 330p.m. that it hadnt been tested yet was sending it off now. do u think that will be a collection that will be a correct collection for testing. i need your expert opinion, then i promise you wont hear from me again

Expert:  Family Physician replied 5 years ago.
Storing a specimen for 2 days in a freezer or refrigerator would NOT impact the test result in any way.
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