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Family Physician
Family Physician, Board Certified MRO
Category: Drug Testing
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Experience:  Medical Review Officer - Physician Trained and certified in drug test interpretation
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How to flush meth from your system

Customer Question

how to flush meth from your system
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Drug Testing
Expert:  Family Physician replied 5 years ago.
The honest, scientifically valid answer to your question is - NOTHING, is going to speed the elimination of the methamphetamine from your body.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ya but is there a way to clean my urin or at leasr make it doluite
Expert:  Family Physician replied 5 years ago.
Honestly, there is nothing that you can drink, eat, purchase or do that will "clean" the urine. Despite the claims made for various products you may find on the web, there is no scientific evidence that any of these products work. There are also reports of serious medical complications/problems from using some of these products or home remedies.

Having an adequate intake of water/fluid will make the urine less concentrated, and therefore slightly reduce the detection period - however with a urine that is too dilute, you may be facing a repeat testing or other testing options including hair testing (depending on the policy of the program or employer who is doing the testing).

Generally, methamphetamine is detectable for about 3 days.