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I am takin 4- 8 mg suboxone strips a day and i tested

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i am takin 4- 8 mg suboxone strips a day and i tested positive of opiates, how is that possible
Was this test a home, "instant dipstick" or site of collection type test or was this test sent to a laboratory for confirmation with GC/MS?

Did they identify a specific opiate? If so, did they give levels for the opiate(s) identified?

Why was this test done?

Are you taking any other medications, drugs, over-the-counter drugs or supplements?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
they said that it tested pos for morphine, ive never had morphine in my life, they didnt give any levels. the test was a random test they give where i work. im taking halcieon sp? for sleep amd zani flex. and yes it was sent off to a lab. I know you dont know me, but i havent had any other pain meds bit suboxone in 8 months. I take advil also. Please help!!!!! I am innocent!!!!
Codeine and/or morphine can be found in urine from poppy seeds. The level of morphine can help a medical review officer determine if this morphine could be caused by poppy seeds. If the level is too high, the MRO can appropriately conclude the the test was not the result of poppy seeds. It would be important to know the levels to determine if this would be poppy seeds.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I had a pack of hamburger buns with popppy seeds and ate two hamburgers the night before, but i thouhgt that was an old wives tale about the poppy seed thing. I swear to you i havent had any thing other than the suboxone. Would two buns be enough to show up?
Poppy seeds are a well known and accepted cause for positive drug tests (morphine and/or codeine) showing in urine.

Potentially, the poppy seed buns would be enough to cause your positive. It would be much easier to answer this question if you had the actual levels reported in the urine.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.

i dont know the levels, but they cant be much cause have had no morphine, my pharmicist said it was the suboxone causing it to show up, what level would poppy seed cause?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
sorry 2 bother u but im horrified about losing my job over something that i havent done!!
Under rules governing the DOT (and federal employee drug testing), morphine or codeine concentrations up to 15,000 ng/ml can be explained by consumption of poppy seeds.

If your test results have not been reviewed by a medical review officer (physician trained and certified in the interpretation of drug tests) - who should have interviewed you - then I would request that your results be reviewed by a MRO.
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