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Dream Symbolist
Dream Symbolist, Dream Expert
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Interpretation of this nightmare? I dreamt I was in my

Customer Question

Interpretation of this nightmare? I dreamt I was in my childhood neighborhood where I used to play a game with a friend, sitting on a standalone depository mailbox, pretending it was a rocket ship that took us to other planets where we encountered creatures that came after us. And when they did, we ran back to our "ship" to rocket back home to get away. In my dream however, my childhood neighborhood was on a foreign planet -- similar but different, like an alternate universe. I was walking around a large warehouse station that housed building materials, living supplies, and rooms serving different purposes. A female of royal importance in full-body black space leotard landed with her entourage and showed me around what l learned was her space station (similar to TV episode "Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum" I'd watched day before with comedian Kevin Nealon giving Monk an Asylum tour.) In my dream, the royal female showed me several rooms, then came to one where she said in sly fashion that she had "something special" inside that I would supposedly like (she was baiting me.) I went inside by myself (she stayed behind) where I found a crowd of people packed together as if waiting for something (shades of court time with crowds of defendants waiting for judge to appear.) Suddenly, a ferocious tiger appeared on the floor above us, roaring and peering down at us through the iron railing. It pawed through that railing to try to grab one of us (I had watched before falling asleep a funny YouTube video of a cat in soccer uniform, pawing a miniature soccer ball, making goals.) In my dream, the crowd told me I had to try to touch this tiger's paw and if I did, the tiger would become tame and sage-like, imparting wisdom and advice. I scaled a wall to reach the tiger's arm where I saw about a dozen shoes -- women's pumps -- embedded into the clay wall like darts on a board thrown to hit or distract the tiger but missing their mark. I pulled one out and tossed it to the tiger which acted uninterested and still tried to paw me from behind the railing. The tiger then backed away but re-appeared through an adjoining portal above the crowd. It turned out to be just a man in a tiger's outfit who smiled at the crowd; the crowd smiled back and laughed when they realized he was a decoy and not the real tiger. Then a child-size adult appeared in similar outfit to the side of the first costumed man -- like a parent's child in Halloween costume (note: Reece's candy commercials with Halloween theme now rotating heavily on TV.) The costumed adult and child laughed at the crowd for being fooled, then pushed a large creature through the portal, landing to squat just just a few feet from me (shades of squatting ape in "Gorilla Glue" commercial.) It was an 800 pound space gorilla with neon orange fur, saucer-sized blue eyes and long overlapping dinosaur teeth (I'd recently watched excerpts of a football game where my daughter's college alma matter wore their school colors of orange and blue; I'd also watched a report on the USC Trojans who recently defeated my alma matter and where comedian Will Farrell reprised a scene from his movie "Old School", dawning mascot outfit that drew laughs. I'd also noted the "Jurassic Park" movie was playing on TV which I've seen but didn't watch again as I find toothy dinosaurs too intense / terrifying.) The space gorilla in my dream stared straight ahead to sense the crowd as to who it might go after (shades of Tyranosaurex Rex movie scene.) I didn't sense the gorilla planned to eat anyone but was going to get in someone's face and scare them (similar to a sly and mean Judge Judy-type judge I've recently encountered in traffic court who is known to play games / threaten incarceration to scare defendants.) The gorilla then turned and looked at me as it's first target. And as it began to move towards me through the crowd, I slid sideways to escape through a narrow floor opening to the level below. I physically did slide sideways in bed as I was dreaming and fell onto my own bedroom floor where I awoke very startled with heart racing, but thankful to have woken from this dream turned nightmare. I wrote it down then consulted here for interpretation. What deeper meaning might this dream and these images have beyond a collection of impressions from TV and experiences in real life, both long past and recent?
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 5 months ago.

Please give me time to look over your dream, Thank you so much for your patience.

Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 5 months ago.

Please give me a little longer time to read your dream. There are a lot of symbols in your dream.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
I copy. No rush on my end. Whenever you are ready to respond is fine.
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
46 hours since 1st posting / 15 hours since my last response] To Mrs. Sandman -- Are you still active on this question? Just checking in case you are not. Need more time?
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 5 months ago.

Yes. I am actually going to fast in order to understand this dream.I started today. So hoping to have the meaning here in a day or two. As long as you do not mind waiting. Or you are welcome to seek another professional to respond. You have an extravagant mind. Unlike the normal dreams, this one is very detailed and unique.

Customer: replied 5 months ago.
Wo! You are going to fast in an effort to understand my dream? Perhaps have even started your fast on this question? I hope there are other dreams you can pull into this fast for better interpretation, if that is how you work, as I would not want you fasting for just my one dream. No-one has ever "fasted for me." I'm honored! If you have started your fast and wish to continue as that is your process, then do proceed. But no -- my desire for an interpretation is not so time sensitive that I must know immediately. Take your time if fasting for more accurate reading is needed. I will wait with baited breath (channeling Shakespeare...sorry) for your response. I think the tiger and the space gorilla represent the Judge Judy, here, just in different manifestations. But the meaning could go deeper and I welcome your expert guidance as the waters run deep here. While no Einstein, yes, I am Mensan and do wax loquacious sometimes, but all details I wrote were genuine details bubbling up from subconscious dream in Stage 7 or 8 REM sleep. I'm curious as to different or unexplored meanings. Separately, I've had two most UNCANNY coincidences / cosmic connections in my world in the few days since posting my original dream for interpretation. Now that fasting enters the equation, I'm very curious for the "next shoe to drop" -- if that's what's going on. But yes, several lives and futures are connected to this situation and question as a potential wink for what else may be going on / harbinger of the future? Fast on, Certified Dream Expert Mrs. Sandman! I welcome the pearls of wisdom that may congeal and materialize from the grains of sand you are dusting about in the pool of dreams bubbling up here.
Customer: replied 5 months ago.
er um... meant "bated" not "baited"...Please excuse my homophonical gaffe.
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 5 months ago.

The foreign planet is representing different aspects of your mind. The warehouse is your vessel. Things you posses and hold mentally and spiritually. You find use of a lot of information and things you watch and take in. You are always in the process of creativity and constructing new ideas. This explains the items in the warehouse. This royal woman in full black. Black usually relates to one's flesh. Negative and evil influences. Royalty relates to a higher power a higher authority. This space station is relating to something new that you are taking in. Something you are exploring.This Tiger, this can relate to something that is preying on you spiritually. However touching the paw and taming the tiger to gain wisdom,, This relates to using your spiritual gifting and mind away from the world but to a spiritual power of good. One has spiritual abilities, whether to use for worldly gain, or for spiritual gain. Whatever it is your taking in and exploring these aspects, the dream is guiding you to use this for the greater good. Once you tame the things of your flesh, you can gain far greater wisdom and knowledge. This is actually how I gained my gift of understanding and interpreting dreams. With the way all of this portrayed itself, its almost as though the meaning of your dream is coming forth in a very deep and detailed story. This does relate to a lot of what you watch on TV and it also relates to your extravagant mind. The man being dressed as a tiger can relate to things that are meant to deceive you. The 800 lb gorilla . #8 relates to new beginnings. All around this is a very deep spiritual attack in a way. Really it is very detailed and If I can point out some symbols in the dream. Hopefully you will be able to bring it all together.. Thank you so much for the challenge.