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I am 34 yrs old, female. My mother passed away when I was

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I am 34 yrs old, female. My mother passed away when I was 14. She died from cancer. I really miss her and I have dreamt about her a few times but in my dreams she's always sick or dead. Last night I dreamt she was dead and we were preparing for her burial. The dream itself was short or at least what I can still remember. The weird part was, there were 4 bodies. All 4 were my mom. But each body was her in different stages in her life. As we prepared her for her burial, we would slide her body into a clear plastic bag which i would hold open. I was able to do that for the first 3 bodies but the last one was of her as a 7 yr old girl and that's when I broke down crying and was unable to help hilding the bag open. That's as much as I remember. Why 4 bodies? And most importantly, why do I always dream about her sick or dead?

I can help with understanding the symbols in your dream. #4 the action or process of bringing something into existence. #3 is completion. The action or process of finishing something. This dream maybe referring to your stages of healing regarding your mother's death. May I ask if anything significant happened in her life around the time she was 7 years old?

Our dreams serve several purposes, but their primary purpose is to help us process thoughts and emotions we find difficult to process in our waking conscious mind. The reason you dream about your mother either sick or dead is most likely because that is the focus of your unconscious mind, if not your conscious mind. You have not accepted her death yet. You feel robbed, you missed out on your mother's life. I am going to take a gander that the precious expert was somewhat correct, that something happened at the age of seven, but I am thinking it was when you were seven not your mom; maybe it was when she was first diagnosed with cancer or was it at this time that maybe your parents divorced? Also, I guess this is more of a question than an insight. How old was your mother when she passed? Was she 34? Are you seeing your life through hers?Here is the deal. Without a better understanding of where you are and your circumstances, it is hard to pinpoint the exacts. Two things I do gather though are 1) you feel you were robbed of your mother growing up and 2) You are stuck in grief over her loss. You would be shock ed at the peace you would discover by coming to grips with this loss in your life.I suggest you make a co vertex effort to visit your loss and then focus on what you gained. Visit her grave, look at pictures, and stir memories. Then create a positive memorial to her, whether it be a place, item, event, or thought. Find something you can do to stir up positive memories of your mother.Does a they make sense to you?
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
My mom lost her mom at 9 and my mom was first diagnosed with cancer when i was 5. I used the age 7 in my description because that's what she looked like but in reality, it was just her as a young little girl. I never grieved for her as I was only 14 when she passed away and though I was sad, as a teenager, I didn't deal with it. My parents never divorced but I am curious why you would assume that. My mother was about 45 when she passed. Again, as a teenager girl, age was something I didn't pay attention to. I do feel robbed with having my mother with me now as an adult more than in my younger years.
The divorce was simply an option or example of something that might have happened when you were seven. Honestly, the dream is about your grief. You need to work through you loss, even your loss of your adult mom. Find her in your present life. Do some research. Discover who she was and even make new memories.
JohnACM, Licensed Professional Counselor
Satisfied Customers: 663
Experience: I have been interpreting dreams for over 10 years with tremendous accuracy,
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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thank you!! Will do
Glad I could help!