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I dreamed I met a mortician. It was one of the weirdest

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I dreamed I met a mortician. It was one of the weirdest dreams I ever had. I was in a parking lot. He said hello to me like he knew me and in the dream I knew him but in my real life I have no idea who he is. He asked me in for lunch. We had lunch and he was telling me all about the embalming process and how he had to embalm some people that afternoon. I was just taking all of it in like it was normal but I can tell you this conversation would have bothered me in real life. I want to be cremated. Anyway we had lunch and he had to go to work. But then I found myself at the same funeral home later that afternoon because I needed to attend a wake. Which I also hate in real life because I don't believe in wakes, I think it's gross and sad to look at a dead person because it's not who the person was. And I don't want that to be my last memory of the person. Anyway it turned out to be the wake of someone I knew from work in the dream but again not someone I knew in my real life. I just remember contemplating all the work it took to prepare the body based on what my friend told me earlier but then I became bored so I left , which is also out of character for me because I would think that rude in real life. Anyway I can't figure out what this means - why a mortician? And why a stranger but someone I knew in the dream? And a parking lot? I should mention I was stuck in the parking lot - for some reason my car wouldn't move and that's how I had the chance encounter with the mortician.
Dreams are very interesting phenomena and they serve various functions. They dont predict the future, but do sometimes help us process the past and understand the present. They reveal our fears and sometimes even help us work through them.The parking lot is the easiest part of your dream. Of course cars represent mobility and progress. The signal to you seems to be the opposite though. You are stuck going nowhere....I believe until you face some realities. You seem to have a very real apprehension to death. I am guessing you are currently facing death in your real life, either your own or someone close to you, possibly past or impending. I'm wondering I f you lost somebody in the past and are stuck in life until you work through the loss. Does this make sense to you at all? Please let me know if you have further questions or comments.
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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Nope I'm not afraid to die- I have been pronounced dead and returned after a near fatal car accident. The dying doesn't frighten me. The sad part is for people who are left behind. I wonder if it's less literal and more related to a change. The actual dream did not leave me feeling upset, it was all very matter of fact. It was more about acceptance than fear.
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I think if there were a fear element it would have been about the embalming process itself or about the wake. But it was like I was facing fears by having this person explain the process to me really matter of factly and I was accepting it. Then I was able to move on, or leave the parking lot.
That makes sense to me. Not to change your mind but to explain. The wake and funeral are part of the grieving process. Often, we are not even able to begin grieving until we see the reality of their death.In your dream, it could have been about the process as much or more than specific losses.I would say though, you dreamed ur for a reason. The significance probably is I. The parking lot as much as anywhere. Getting past the uneasiness of the process of death seems to have opened the doors to progress in life.Facing our own mortality is of utmost importance in accomplishing our purpose I life...