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Dream Symbolist
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Last night I dreamt that my time lover was combing my hair.

Customer Question

Hi last night I dreamt that my long time lover was combing my hair. We then left by walking this long journey through deep drains and inclines. We got to a convent . Here I found him with a young woman both of them dressing....I did not see them naked
JA: Oh I love this topic. Did you know I used to be a dream interpretation expert? Yes, but now I have to hand you off to one of the new and better trained ones. You will undoubtedly enjoy this. Is there anything else the Dream Analyst should be aware of?
Customer: I always dream my friend an I getting through some challenge together but at the end he always leaves me for another or his own agenda
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
A colleague of ours was also there but he passed us straight without offering a lift.....we all appeared to be younger like in our hair is bit past my shoulder and black
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 months ago.

I'm interested in the comparison/contrast between the version of your relationship portrayed in your dream and what happens in your waking life. What event(s) or thought(s) In particular, in your waking life preceded your dream this time, that seem to you to have some relationship with the contents of the dream, especially the opening scene with him combing your hair?

Do the deep drains go downhill and out-of-sight underground near you? And the inclines follow on the downward drains with you walking together uphill? What are your present ages? and does long-time lover take you all the way back to your twenties?

Where would you expect to find your lover dressing with a young woman that was NOT a convent? What do convents have to do with your life or your lover's? What do you imagine to be the goal of your life-journey together with your lover?

PLEASE let your imagination run wild and write any answers you generate to my questions. Because it's all dream-elaboration material that will help me situate it in your mind and the collective unconscious of our species.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
The drains are concrete, very wide. Not underground. Dry.we walk down then up to top of the other side together. When we get there we talk ab which direction to go and smethg else. I cant recall.
Prior to the dream he was texting a friend of ours ...woman about her body and him liking what he sees. My friend told me. I told him it was disrespectful to me. He said we are all adults.
We have known each other since five but became lovers in 2012. Prior to that we have been in an emtional an limited physical relation since numerous times he couldnt decide if i was the one...we are both 47 yrs.
May find him in a hotel or a woman's home. He has been close friends with women who attended convent schools. One who is having marital problems...and he her comforter...shoulder to cry on etc. Things he never does for me. The other is young in her late twenties who is smitten with him...again whose attention seems to stroke the ego. There is another convent lady he always attends to...but claims she is only a friend.
I had hoped that we would have had a meaningful loyal relationship after everything we have been tbrough. When tbings are going well he distances himself from me....when not good then he seeks me out....
There was a nun with whom i spoke in the dream. I think she asked me what i wad doing with my life.
Our colleague seemed in a hurry and angry. He was talking on his cell as he drove past us.
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Every time i dream him..we do things together...get through some trial but always at the end of the dream he leaves me alone
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Also the room st tje convent was a bedroom....he wore a faded blue denim shirt and jeans....she a petite person wore white leotauds with a yellow tutu...lile a ballerina....when i opened the door he was putting on his right sock while sitting on the bed and she was putting on her left ballet shoe white satin as she held on to the edhe of a dresser
Like a ballerina..
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I remember too at the beginning of the dream we were at some gathering. Thenhe sat on a staircase with me between the legs while combing my hair which seemed very thick and coarse. Also i never saw my self in the dream but presumed it was me as i saw everything from my eyes
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
The gathering was under an old wooden building on stilt posts...the stairs was wooden an for some reason i saw ligjt blue paint on the railings
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Hi am wondering how come NP response yet. Am am I suppose to pay some other fee
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 months ago.

I've been unable to service online because of too much homework taring for my daughter, but there is not any other fee you need to pay.

It appears that the nun who asks you how you are doing with your life could be an alter ego for you--since you are somewhat like a nun in that you don't have any sexual relationship and only live a life of service to the man in your dreams WHEN HE NEEDS you?

You write that your hair was very dark, thick and coarse. How is it normally?

If her has you between his legs on a stairstep below him, that implies that he has higher status than you do. Is there a status difference between you and him?

You indicate that your real life with him is somewhat parallel to your dreams. was there a particular encounter with him that triggered this dream? or could this dream be a signal that he will soon want to spend time with you (to suit his own needs)?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thank u......yes he does omly seem to be around when he needs something
My hair is black mot as thick not that coarse
A girlfriend of mine visiterd from canada....he saw her an flirted withher sayin he liked her breast. I got upset