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My boyfriend and I broke up two months ago. About two weeks

Customer Question

My boyfriend and I broke up two months ago. About two weeks after we broke up I had a dream that I was taking a shower and as I got out the shower and was walking to my room I heard someone opening my front door and immediately thought who could it be because the only two people that has a key to my house is my daughter and myself and my daughter wasn't home so I just stood there frozen waiting and all of a sudden my ex comes around the corner directly in front of me he had on a black shirt and black hat it looked like his work uniform and both of his hands were full and he held them towards his chest because they were full with something and he said you thought I was gone but I'm back! Then my dream flashed to where I was laying on my back on my bed and he had a hand on each side of my head like he was pressing in the sides of my head not like a massage and was just staring in my eyes with a blank stare and I wrote up in a panic.
JA: Oh I love this topic. Did you know I used to be a dream interpretation expert? Yes, but now I have to hand you off to one of the new and better trained ones. You will undoubtedly enjoy this. Is there anything else the Dream Analyst should be aware of?
Customer: Then a month ago a male friend of mine had a dream we were in a restaurant in a booth sitting and he got up to go to the restroom and when he came back my ex and I were sitting at the booth together with his arm around my neck. Now four days ago my aunt had a similar dream and her neither my friend know each other and she dreamt that she and I were in a restaurant at a booth and I was standing by the booth and my ex came in the restaurant and he walked over to me and I was smiling and she said he hugged me really tight to the point where we looked like we were one. The next day I had a dream that my ex's mother and I were in a car together riding and I was on the passenger side and she was driving and she was asking me how I felt about him
Submitted: 3 months ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
she was trying to get me to tell her how I felt about him and at first I was hesitant. In the dream it seems like we had just got our hair done and I was saying something to her about fluffing her hair in the back and she was telling me that her son was sorry and he knows what he did wrong and he has changed and she knew I loved him because of all I did for him and then I finally confessed to her that I did love him. Now I have not had any contact with him or his mother since the day we broke up. And his mother and I didn't have a relationship where we talked without him the only time I was around her was when he was there and she has not been on my mind so I don't know why she would be in my dream.
Expert:  Suzanne B replied 3 months ago.

Thank you for posting your dream. I would love to provide you with a dream interpretation. Could you also include any emotions you experienced without the dream?

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Without the dream I have been missing him terribly at first it has gotten a lot better but I find myself thinking about him and missing him a little from time to time it has been two and a half months with no contact. I still love him. I was told by someone that's close to him that he still loves me and misses me but we haven't had any contact since we broke up.
Expert:  Suzanne B replied 3 months ago.

Thank you for providing a little more background. I hope this dream interpretation is helpful for you.

If this were my dream experience, finding myself in the shower would relate to emotional cleansing and would be a form of healing myself and ridding myself of residual or old emotions that no longer serve me. My ex entering my home would symbolize for me how my thoughts and feelings about him are still present and are still with me. My dream would hint at the idea that I am expecting them to go away. I would view my dream as reflecting my thoughts and feelings more than they are reflecting my ex. His presence would indicate my thoughts about him.

I would also wonder if his announcement that he is back reflects my wishes and desires. The full hands and chest would symbolize for me how I am carrying my emotions around and they are taking up so much room that I am unable to hold, or focus, on anything else. The pressing of the sides of the head would also relate to the pressure I feel from my intense emotions and thoughts of him. I would relate this to how thoughts of him continue to push forward even when I attempt to avoid them.

The dreams I heard from others would reflect a few things for me. I would regard them as reflecting what the dreamer thinks, believes or wishes for me. Although they would support my wishes and I would hope they indicate something else, I would recognize that they could also be symbolic in nature or reflect thoughts or beliefs rather than what may come true in the future.

My ex's mother would symbolize the emotional and wise part of my ex that I would like to connect with. She would verbalize in my dream what I would like to hear.

I would regard each of these dreams as providing an important function of healing and personal development. All dreams would help me identify my feelings and allow me to continue to process them and take better informed actions regarding my relationships based on them. I would explore further what my ex's mother shared. Although I may want my ex to be sorry, this may or may not be the case. This dream would help me explore what my experience has been with my ex and if I am willing to have a relationship in the future with him. Although the dream may reflect what I want and what is ideal, I would note that these dreams have not occurred and they would help me determine the boundaries I would want to set with my ex and what behavior I may accept versus not accept.

I hope this was helpful for you. Please let me know if you have additional questions. Happy Dreaming!

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
How would I explore what my ex's mother said?
Expert:  Suzanne B replied 3 months ago.

Since your ex's mother didn't actually say this to you, her words are your words. It sounds like what she said reflected your wishes and desires but within those wishes and desires, highlights the issues in the relationship. While you may miss him, it would be important to understand why you are not with him or the issues that were present in the relationship. Losing a relationship can often cause us to not see all details. This dream sounds like it began to incorporate issues you may need closure with and may need to process further in your waking life.