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Could you please interpret this set of dreams? I had a dream

Customer Question

Could you please interpret this set of dreams?I had a dream where everything was being set to fire all around me. The neighborhood right next-door was getting set to fire from some kind of bad guy and I thought they might come towards my neighborhood so I got some special liquid and made a big square on the ground right near the outside of my house. I thought the liquid would prevent fire. I had some family members step into the square with me. I was very worried that the liquid wouldn't work, but I had heard that It had a chance so I was putting my faith in it. I really didn't have any other options. Anyway, I think it worked in the end, and everything around us went to flames, even my house, but we were safe.In another dream or Part of this one, my grandpa and I were roommates for some kind of camp that we had planned to. I think most of the campers were adults, and it was the last day. I feel like I had a pretty good relationship with people there and I remember wondering why I had been roomed with the people I had been roomed with, but I was mostly OK. Anyway towards the end there were some kind of obstacle course that we were supposed to do, and I remember taking my time packing so that I would be able to get out of the obstacle course. I didn't want to do it. Nobody was pressuring me to do it, though people were able to see us packing from their view of the obstacle course.I think, in another moment of this dream, I walked into another room. Now I was living in a house in the corner and I got a call.
I picked it up and the woman on the other line thought she knew who she was calling, but she had the wrong number. I don't know why I kept talking to her, but I ended up bringing my phone with me and we started talking informally as I walked around the block.At one point I started seeing hundreds of police officers with clubs run into what I thought was a building. I told the girl on the phone and she said, wow. After I saw that I saw a bunch of firefighters come too. This was all a couple blocks away from my house. When I started passing the scene, it looked like they were trying to get into some kind of car.
I told the girl on the phone what was happening and she said "wow!"All of a sudden I was carrying a bunch of things and walking back to my house, and I was still talking to the girl on the phone.
It turned out that she was a lesbian and I think she was trying to lightly flirt with me. I didn't mind as she wasn't pushy about it, and I did mention my boyfriend.I was still walking and talking with her, and about to turn back onto my street, when she and the girl who she was supposed to be calling were suddenly behind me. I didn't feel scared or anything, and it turned out we were at a place right near my sister lived.My sister lived on the next block over from me, but her house was positioned in a way where she could see in my house and vice versa.Anyway one of the girls behind me said something acknowledging the street that I lived on, and I realize that she started to figure out where I lived. She was still very nice but I didn't want her to know where I lived, so I said something to get out of the conversation, and then I had a realization that she could see the camera on my phone, so I was discreetly shut off the camera so she wouldn't be able to see the house that I lived in. I think I successfully made it so that she couldn't see my house.
That night I went to sleep, at one point I heard somebody walking in. It was my sister. She said that I left the door open, so she just came in. I remember feeling surprised that the door was open, but not threatened.I asked her to go into another room with me since my boyfriend was still sleeping (oddly on another bed, I think on the top bunk bed).
Submitted: 2 months ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  matt50025002 replied 2 months ago.

Fire in your dream can mean destruction, passion, desire, illumination, purification, transformation, enlightenment, or anger. After reading about your interesting dream, I believe that main theme in your dream is fire. Your second dream had a theme of camp, could be your subconscious mind bringing out more fire, such as campfire. I believe what the main thing in your dreams that the fire is trying to tell you in your real life is anger. There is a lot of confusion, and fear in your dreams, you must have a lot of anger in your life right now. Try to calm those feelings of anger down my meditation, exercise, and do things you like to do, if you could, take a vacation.