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Dr. Norman Brown
Dr. Norman Brown, PhD
Category: Dream Interpretation
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My friend at work told me she had a strange dream about me,

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my friend at work told me she had a strange dream about me, ast night. She said I had brought my boyfriend (who happens to be a very famous actor) over to her house to meet her. Apparently we,talked,about wedding plans. The dream itself isn't that strange but last night I was actually talking to the dream boyfriend in real life. My friend has never had any dreams about me or this actor guy. Does this mean anything?

Did your friend already know that your boyfriend was this actor? If you have talked about him to her before, she might have actually felt his energy connected to you and idealized that in her pride of knowing you and your good fortune. Are you aware of the feelings she had in the dream she told you?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
She had no idea. I'm not actually dating this person. I have talked to him though. My friend didn't know any of it

Does "talked to him" mean Online or InPerson? Since images of famous actors are readily available to the public, it is possible either way that the dreamer read your mental imagery, including you and the actor together in a scene occurring in her domicile, which symbolically means within the ecosystem of her personality (where her domicile is a systemic representation of her personality in relation to its immediate environs, which include her emotional energetic investment in you and your life-space). You were talking about wedding plans, because your fascination/admiration of the actor incorporates him into your personal ecosystem as your "animus." (See C.G. Jung Animus in Wikipedia) For a woman in the initial projective stages of romantic love the image of her beloved concretizes an idealized image of her own masculine side and thus expresses her erotic energy linking her to her own psychospiritual development via self-transformation in loving a M/F androgynous self beyond the female body she identifies with.

Could she have dreamed this dream "for you?" Or is this dream her mystical participation in a dream you are already living as a waking vision often enough to broadcast it through your electromagnetic field? And she is drawn to it as a signpost for her own spiritual growth.

Please let me know what you think about my responses, and what you observed about her feelings accompanying the dream--inspired? happy for you? envious? Is she a woman who would or would not give herself permission to expand her personality through a romantic union with an image of her inner ideal masculine side? Could she imagine herself in love with someone either appropriate or ideal for her? or only participate vicariously in your good fortune?

I'd advise you to share your answers to these questions with me. For the way you handle telling (or not telling) her about what you & I arrive at as the meaning and direction-finding function of her dream (for her, not for you, since your imaginal relationship is first-hand instead of second-hand) is a delicate matter requiring compassion and respect for her personality and aspects of spiritual consciousness as well as your own.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I talked to the man in question in real life. It's just odd that my friend dreamed of him in particular that same night . I hadn't seen her in a few days so I went to see her. She told me about the dream the instant I walked up. She seemed a little envious but not surprised at all when I told her about talking to him in person. There were just too many coincidences for me. I needed a fresh take on it. Thank you for the quick response to my question.

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