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Dr. Norman Brown
Dr. Norman Brown, PhD
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  40yrs interpreting dreams & connecting conscious & unconscious minds
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The past two days, I have been dreaming that I am dying. Not

Customer Question

The past two days, I have been dreaming that I am dying. Not sure how I died the first dream but last night, I was stabbed after being invaded & I knew my mom had been stabbed too. My main aim before dying was to find her so that I die next to her, to my surprise she was not dead but she was stabbed. I remember that moment before knowing whether she's alive or dead and finding out she's alive, I held her and laid next to her, and was wondering which one of us will go first and was so scared from the transition. What awaits and how is it going to feel. I can feel how it will feel to die, holding on to my soul.
She was more alive than I was, and helped take me to the hospital. I held unto my soul as if I had control over it leaving my body.
I somehow know I will go soon..
Submitted: 4 months ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 4 months ago.

I need to let you know that God (or "Higher Power" who designs and projects our dreams through our own minds) does not give us dreams to agree with what we consciously believe, but to shake us up from the deeper sources of our being. And "dying" doesn't really mean dying, though many folk-beliefs assert that it does.
What "you" do think and feel in the dream is not all there is to your personality, but certain Highlights that the Dream Maker wants you to contemplate in the "God's-Eye Mirror."

So Where in your body were you stabbed? And where in your world were you invaded? These thinks happened before you presumed that you were dying. Self-perceived "dying" usually means losing an old self/personality with which you are thoroughly identified, so that seems like literally dying to you. This "you" that is dying seems to be more concerned with dying next to your mother than you are with preserving your own life. Since your mother is initially assumed to be dying too, it seems quite likely that your dream is actually about the psychic experience of the intensely close-up relationship between you and her dying--to be replaced by some other version of it. Since your initial "main aim" was to find her, so you could die together, the dream is showing you that can't stand the thought of being separated from her, even by death, so your "main aim" is undo whatever distance may have grown up between you, since that relationship is the most important one in your whole world.

So your dream shows you being very frightened that she might be dead, or that one of you might have to die before the other--as if you were literally Married Soulmates.

But the dream shows you more about this relationship you've perceived between you and your mother: Namely that "she's more alive than (you were)." So she's not really dying (where in her body was she stabbed?), it's even possible that she has more of a life than you do, a healthier life, or more life outside of the mother-daughter bond which seems to be the most important bond that matters to you.

Your mother may be NOT as much engaged emotionally with you as you are with her, because she also helps you get into the hospital, where they can symbolically bring you back to (mental/emotional) health as a new version of yourself, perhaps as a more grownup woman who doesn't need her mother's blessing and (hospitals in dreams DO symbolize MOR Ethan just being kept alive yourself: That means being brought into a new healthier personality. In this dream there are several indicators that the death that is coming soon for you is the separation from an overly enmeshed relationship with your mother (even without asking you about the present and past state of your relationship with your mother--not even knowing your age, since if you were a preteenager it would be normal for you to think your mother was the most important person in the world for you).

Then there's the second to last action in your dream "I held onto my soul" -- so you have a relationship with your own soul that needs to be considered in the context of separating from your mother.

SO I WANT TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE NOW THAT MAKES IT SEEM TO YOUR UNCONSCIOUS MIND THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE TO YOUR PRESENT RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR MOTHER? (And I don't blame you if you HATE this interpretation of your dream, because somehow you have come to believe in this super-close relationship with your mother, even though she is now taking you to the hospital to let you go into a new life of being one with your soul and NOT one with your mother.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Wow, doctor Norman... I am speechless & sweaty from how amazing your interpretation is.
I just turned 30 and only 2 years ago I discovered that I am in love with a woman (I am a woman myself)
I come from a very religious, traditional family, a family that for me is only my mother as I lost my dad at the age of 18.
A month ago I was able to move out of the house, seeing where I come from its a no no for an unmarried girl to move out of her family's home but I fought for it and I did it, & now it's slowly coming to acceptance.I am not in a pickle with my partner who wish not to be in the closet forever, and for me it seems so far fetched to come out to my mother who is 75, I mean she would die... and even more so, by the time she would accept that her daughter is in a gay relationship it would be too late, I can't risk this relationship and even more so I don't know if it's worth risking for this.
I have so much going on in my life Dr Norman, I myself have my doubts if god hates me because of this or is it all man made, this hate.
I ask him for signs all the time and ask him to separate my partner and I, if it's not right.
I go through so many struggles and most of which is to keep on living.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 4 months ago.

Wow! is right. I'm so glad that your own consciousness is dealing with this already, so we can be on the same side in applying your dream to your life. I put a lot of time into walking myself through your dream's scenes in order, while allthetime assuming that your conscious mind would resist with all its might the message that your higher power was manifesting. But your conscious mind is in conscious conflict between "inherited family beliefs" and your own heart.

So with the new information of what situation is being commented on thru the plot & characters in your dream I see this: You didn't answer my questions about where you were stabbed. But I will assume that you were definitely stabbed (roughly/conceptually) in the heart (by romantic love) and you might have assumed your mother was also, but you didn't see or know that--because in fact she's not dying of your unChristian love-action, because she is unaware of it.

But now we are in a really good situation for discovering the deeper meanings of your dream, because its plot and symbolism is significantly different than your conscious awareness and thoughts/feelings about yourself. Consciously you're torn apart by what it would do to your mother if you came out. Unconsciously (dreamscenes) you're already dying and you fanatically believe you MUST undo the distance between you (caused in your tradition by breaking precedent to move out as unmarried (but actually "married" but to the wrong sexed person.

But the dream says that your mother's healthier than you are; she's not even dying, UNBEKNOWNST to you. In fact she only takes you to the hospital so that you can recover from your wound(s). So you're wounded because you don't want to hide your gay feelings from your mother, while (in dreamland) she just wants you to get well. . So I'm guessing that you've moved in with your "woman friend" and your mother just wants "you to be happy."

I understand that you don't want to have to live a lie to keep from hurting (stabbing) your mother at her age and rigid traditions. But a Jungian interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount suggests that "I come not in peace but with the sword . . . . to separate father from son & brother from brother (etc) means that to follow your God within you will have to separate from your mother. In this case it's to follow your heart, your Love within, which is the force of God. (You don't have a sign that it's NOT the will of God.) But you have to find a way to peace--when that cannot mean to tell your mother all, which you may have done until the day you came into love with another woman that caused your too-close relationship with mother to begin to die.

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 4 months ago.

But your former relationship with mother was apparently not as necessary to her as you might have thought, perhaps because of her own relationship to God as a higher source of peace and happiness than her relationship to you. So by not "telling all" to her you won't be depriving her of necessary narcissistic ownership of you, like Demeter had Persephone before Pluto kidnapped her. So she probably doesn't need to be your one and only the way your lover needs you now. That could solve one half of your tug-of-war problem, but the other half isn't in this dream. Perhaps further discussion could evoke another dream, or some other source of guidance on that part of your dilemma. Or you already have that guidance, just not for your subconscious ego's lingering desire to be everything your mother needs, her confidante and pride and joy--from which you're precisely ready now to age out, at 30 and your own adulthood.

If you want to rate and pay me, you can now; but you can discuss further if you want. For the most blatant lessons in the dreamdrama are that your dream-ego-character thinks she needs her mother--or vice versa--more than is actually the case: And that is actually Unhealthy (compared to mom), so that's why the final scene is in the Hospital--normally a symbol for psychological healing--where you Know you can now choose to hold on to your soul or not: that is you're free of mother-obligation to be yourself.