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I dreamt of being pregnant. (I've never been pregnant or

Customer Question

I dreamt of being pregnant. (I've never been pregnant or have a baby whatsoever.) I rushed to the bathroom, bleeding and as I sat on the toilet blood just splattered everywhere. After irinating, I went and climbed on the hospital bed about to give birth. I was so scared because of the pain I think? I can't remember if it was pain but it was very difficult because I knew I had to give birth to a human being. And when the time really came to finally give birth, it was a moment of silence and everything in the dream went dead silent as I am extra hand on my right side helped me as I pulled the baby out of my vagina. As I was I pulling the baby out, there was no sight of blood or anything, and as I was pulling the baby out I stated out loud to myself "I'm going to name it Elizabeth." And the baby came smoothly out of my vagina as if I never had to put effort in pushing the baby out. When the baby came out I stared at it in blanked space and thought to myself "this is it?" My mood if I could recall was pretty much very calm and settle. My emotion was just really balanced and the baby did not cry when I pulled it out. What does my dream mean? I feel it has so many interpretations.
Submitted: 5 months ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 5 months ago.

Let's cultivate your dream together, so your scenes & symbols give a higher perspective on your life & show us guidance we have never known before.

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 5 months ago.

The general interpretations of this dream are well known among those that have studied the body of dream interpretation stemming from Carl Jung. But the specifics need to be connected to the specifics of your own imagery--because the Higher Power that authors our dreams works through many of the capacities of your own brain & mind in order to provide specific meaning and guidance to you. Therefore in some cases I need to ask you (as your conscious mind and imagination) what a feature of your dream imagery means to you. So here goes:

Giving birth symbolizes producing a new part or activity that extends the dimensions of your own personality. And this is a particularly female form of human creativity: that is, you are creating an extension of yourself, either as a new work or artistic project in the world or as a new and soon to develop facet of your own personality.

What might that be? What new direction are you tempted to move foreward into in your life?

Now the dreamer's response to becoming aware that you're pregnant: "rushed to the bathroom, bleeding" I'd guess that compared to a normal period, this is an alarming event, perhaps scary as well. But I'd guess also that the blood that spatters everywhere is bright-colored rather than dark, because it represents AN EXCESSIVE EXPRESSION OF PASSION that's not yet carefully directed. Yet your dream-ego has the good sense to keep it contained in the toilet.

The dream-ego is not all of YOU, even though you'd expect it to be. Your ego in the dream represents those aspects of yourself that the Higher Power director of you dream wants you to contemplate carefully as if "in a God's-Eye Mirror." Question: How do your attitudes, emotions and behavior in the dream compare and contrast with the whole of your personality as you know yourself? I'd guess (but I want you to improve on my guesses and correct me, since this dream grew out of YOUR mind, not mine) that this version of you is very careful and is used to keeping her emotions contained. She even EXPECTS to feel great pain, but in fact can't remember that, because it is the result of what she THINKS must be coming, and that's NOT what happens. There's a moment of silence and what seems like Divine Intervention from her right side--and if you're right-handed this is a conscious gesture, rather than something from your own or the Collective Unconscious of the human race.

Then there's your dream-ego's taking charge of the whole extension-of-self ceremony by calling it Elizabeth. Who bears that name that matters to you?

If you don't know anybody with that name, what would you imagine about a girl growing up with that name? The Hebrew derivation may mean: "a formally affirmed statement or promise accepted as an equivalent of an appeal to a deity or to a revered person or thing; affirmation." So perhaps an affirmation of yourself as a daughter of God or Goddess?

At the end your dream repeats the dream-ego's surprise at being so well-contained about the whole experience.

In that case, a central question to explore for developing this dream's value as a forward-pointing guidance for your life at present is this: What is the DIFFERENCE (or potential difference during her growing up) between this miraculous Elizabeth and her birth-mother? The more you can write about that (using the activity of your imagination, which might be somewhat rusty from disuse, again just a guess), the more we can engage in creative conversation to develop how to use your dream to launch new creative upheaval and joyous development in your life.

Please don't just "rate me" but engage in considering these questions of differences between your waking life and the surprising events of this dream.

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 5 months ago.

The red blood doesn't just represent passion but pure ENERGY.