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JohnACM, Licensed Professional Counselor
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  I have been interpreting dreams for over 10 years with tremendous accuracy,
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I'm a guy and my gal friend told me of a dream she had. We

Customer Question

I'm a guy and my gal friend told me of a dream she had. We were walking down the street and I had disappeared. She noticed several people that appeared out of nowhere and were persuing her to do harm. She then noticed me some distance away on the other side of a fence. She screamed my name as she was running away.....then she woke up.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  JohnACM replied 8 months ago.

It sounds as if your gal friend is very insecure in your relationship. She is being distracted by others and feels that you are being pushed apart. She values your relationship as you do, and you are each your safe place but she fears you are almost out of reach.