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I had a dream where me and my 9 year old daughter and my

Customer Question

I had a dream where me and my 9 year old daughter and my father were in a motel room. I was dressed in a simple wedding gown with a navy blue pea coat on . I started running outside of the room to get my wedding because i thought I was going to be late. My father and daughter were running with me. My father for some reason had all of our luggage with him. I asked him why he didn't just leave the luggage in the room, he said he didn't want to to leave his stuff behind. I started to get more anxious about getting there on time so I ran ahead of my family leaving them behind. I got to the venue which was nice with chandeliers and ambient lighting but I hadn't decorated it with any flowers or anything else, it was just an empty venue. I sat on the bench outside the venue waiting for the groom to show up. people started coming to the venue for the wedding but all of them doubted that any guy was actually going to show up to marry me. One woman, who works at my job, asked me when the guy was supposed to show up and why he wasn't there yet. I didn't know what to say to her because I didn't know who I was marrying and I myself was becoming weary that I had brought all those people there without being sure the groom was going to show up. I didn't even know who the groom was. Then these two guys show up in regular clothes. The woman from my job was still asking me questions about the groom and who he was. One of the guys answered the woman saying that he was my fiance and then he asked her what the problem was. When others saw that the guy had showed up, they stopped talking about me. I never met this guy before, i don't even know what his name is. I told him that there wasn't any decorations or flowers in the venue, he said then that we would just hold off on the wedding for a couple of days until I got everything together. I really didn't want to hold off on it but I went along with what he said. We went back to the hotel where he was in one room and I in another but the rooms were side by side. I heard him talking on the telephone to the male friend he brought along with him. He was saying derogatory things about me like, "man, she is so f**king stupid, OMG" and they were laughing. I heard them through the walls. I came over to his room where he pretended like nothing was going on and asked me what I needed help with. Then I saw a desert scene with a cactus shaped like a hand but with no needles on it. the hand kept opening and closing and then it opened again where a bunch of flies and insects started flying from it. What does this dream mean?
Submitted: 10 months ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dream Symbolist replied 10 months ago.

Welcome! Thank you for waiting. That sounds like a stressful dream! Let me get a few more details. First, in a general sense, weddings in dreams tend to speak to commitments in our life, and since your venue was picked but not completely ready, I'd be inclined to say you feel you are not prepared for something - be it a career move, relationship, event, etc. Hands speak to our reach in an area, or how we feel we are being 'handled'.

So, can you tell me if there is a source of significant stress in your life currently? Does this dream speak directly to any recent event in your life? Was there anything that stood out about the groom other than the fact he was in plain clothes? Did your father and daughter show back up? How did you feel in the desert scene?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I am work as a nurse in a hospital. I only been here for 8 months but i want to work somewhere else on another floor. I was asked a guy if he wanted to get married. He said no but he stilll wants to talk and fool around. I dont want this, so i cut him off completely.. the guy in my dream wasnt the same guy i had been talking to in real life but the "friend" the groom came with is this guy who i cant stand named moff. The groom was fairly attractive, straight forward, a matter of fact kind of guy. My father and daughter did catch back up with me once i got to the vennue but they didn't say anything.
Expert:  Dream Symbolist replied 10 months ago.

Thank you for your response. Your dream is giving insight into your desire to move on elsewhere at work. There are several key details in this dream to look at, and we'll dig into them a little here. If getting into too many personal details becomes uncomfortable we can always take this interpretation off forum with the premium service if necessary.

You are a nurse, so you are probably more accustomed to stress and 'running' than some others would be. So first we see your father and daughter. Three generations. They are running with you, and dad has the luggage. That's baggage. Good thing is, at one point, you leave them behind. The 'wedding' concept can stem from your line of work, your commitment. One other thing to notice here is you are also wearing a navy blue pea coat. This speaks to your profession, and timing (issue or solution takes place when it's cold out). Motels are temporary places of rest. This echoes your brief stay at your current department in the hospital.

You stated several people from work were present at the wedding, bad mouthing you, and your choice (the groom) (could speak to your choice of career, now or where you want to move on to). These people were coming out to see your fail. Do you feel this way with your coworkers? Is your environment such that there are people you know that want to see you fail?

Then there's the groom. This could possibly represent where you are trying to go career-wise. Notice you get the same thought again- venue is not prepared. The groom tells you, in essence, - you are not prepared.

I'll pause here to ask, are you a spiritual woman? In Christianity, the bridegroom is a representation of Christ. If this is your belief, please take it as Him gently saying you may not be ready for whatever it is you're trying to do. Another good point to note here is, notice the wedding is not called off, only postponed, to give you time to prepare. :-)

Later, you HEAR (not see) derogatory statements. This is probably a level of self doubt. We tend to be hard on ourselves, but I'm pretty sure you don't think you are stupid.

The next scene is in the desert. Dry places. Places of no refreshing, no rest. This can still be speaking to where you are currently. Or, it can be speaking to how you may feel in multiple areas of your life. You said the hand shaped cactus had no needles. The spines on cacti are for their protection. You don't want to find yourself in a dry place with no protection! What's more, when the hand opened, flies and bugs came out. Flies feed off garbage.

At this point, since you are the dreamer, you can identify what this dream is speaking to better than anyone. But, it appears to be regarding your career. It is up to you to decide if the cactus represents your current position, moving into another position, or if it represents something else to you (financial, relationship, spiritual).

I hope this insight is helpful for you. If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Sweet Dreams!

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
I find it hard to believe that the groom that i saw in the dream could be any symbolic reference to God or his son jesus. I say that because of how the groom acted after he suggested we hold off. He went back in his hotel room and made fun of me and pretended like he never said anything when i came by. He appeared like he was someone but he was something else. Manipulative. Passive aggressive.