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I had a dream three times in the night waking up each time

Customer Question

I had a dream three times in the night waking up each time and then having the dream again. My mother who is deceased was driving I was behind her as a passenger and she had an accident each time making me feel like that I was jolted back-and-forth in the car during the accident and then I felt at home comfortable . The last dream was I actually was looking on her right side out of the front window and there was a green wood block aid. I never saw her face, but I said mom we are going to hit, we hit and again I was moved back-and-forth in the car. Waking up I felt like I was content and knew I was OK. in each accident I never felt I was going to be hurt, I felt OK with everything. What concerns me is I have the same dream three times in one night. And I'd really like to know your take on that. thank you so much.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

I don't understand what a "green wood block aid" is. If I were a visitor from Mars, could you please describe this object in detail, including what it can be used for and how a human like the dreamer might react to seeing it out of the right hand side window (passenger side for left-steering cars). Were there any differences between the first and second versions of the dream? How long has your mother been deceased? Did you see any evidence of how her accident occurred each time--like what she ran into, or what ran into her?

The opening scene, repeatedly, suggests that your mother is still in control of how your life is proceeding: she's the leader and you're the follower. But the accident suggests that Higher Wisdom/Power has something different in mind for your life; for every time you get into an accident, the next step is to GET OUT OF THE CAR. So I'd say that this is a WAKE UP dream that's reminding you that you've got your own life to discover and lead, and you won't find it by riding along behind (or even next to) your mother when her life's already over.

Your dream-ego feels "at home comfortable"--presumably because that's how your life has always been. Your dream-ego-character does not represent all there is to your personality, but only the most important aspects that the Dream-Director (aka God) wants you to recognize and contemplate in the "God's-eye mirror." You get shaken each time, but your familiarity/comfort feeling rescues you every time from doing anything different--like getting out of the car.

You could try dreaming this dream over again right before bed tonight, only go on further by getting out of the car and watching what happens then. Then be sure to remember your dreams from tonight, and you can send them in and ask for me if you want.

You're also free to respond about how you are and are-not riding along behind your mother at present in your life. And WHY did you have the dream 3 times this very night? What event(s) or thought(s) & feeling(s) might have triggered such a vigorous and clear higher-wisdom commentary?

PS. Are there any incidents/events in your mother's life that one might view as an Accident? Any aspects of YOUR life that an outside might view as an accidental setback caused by interaction with or input from your mother?

It is normal for conventional women to pattern their personalities on that of their mothers; but this repeated message says that you will suffer inevitable repeating accidents if you continue on that journey.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
First of all, I feel that this dream was a warning from my mother. Not one that has me looking after her life. She has been passed since 1990 and comes to me in dreams only when she wants to deliver a message, IE a prophetic dream.
Maybe I did not explain what I saw when I looked out of the front windshield, let me try to make it clearer for you. I was in the backseat behind my mother, I did not see her face only her hair but knew it was her. When I looked out to the road I moved my head so that it was looking passed my mother to the road, which was on the right side of her head. Very simply she was to my left when I looked out the front windshield passed her head from the back of the car. What I saw on the road looked like a Green wood fence ( almost like a barricade in the road ). I knew that we were going to hit the barricade and be in an accident. Once we hit, We were in an accident and I was being shuffled back and forth in the backseat.
The first two dreams I knew we were in the accident but did not see the barricade in front of us.
I hope that clarifies the dream for you.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for waiting for me. I too have emergencies, even rather frequently, because I am sole caregiver for my disabled wife and disabled daughter, and between them they'll have more than 2 medical and/or emotional emergencies every month.

Now to your dream. Your response is very helpful. First I will ask a few more background questions, which I would prefer that you answer BEFORE I offer an updated interpretation of your dream.

For me, dream interpretation is rarely just "reading the symbols, as if it didn't matter at all who YOU are and what's happening in YOUR LIFE at present. It's a matter of successive approximations that only succeed if we keep talking long enough to keep correcting for my inaccurate assumptions, usually based on inadequate information about both your personal life context AND the precise sensory, mental, and emotional details in the dream itself.

Questions: 1. How old were you when your mother died?

2. Was she happily married at that time?

3. How did your father and the rest of your close family respond to her passing? How was your grieving managed--by others or my yourself?

4. Are you married, or deeply involved with a relationship partner (of either gender) at present? If so, how do you feel about that person & relationship?

Now on to the dream itself: 4. How did the Green of the wood barricade/fence look&feel to you? Was it a natural color, like grass or new bush-growthshoots, or tree-leaves or evergreen foliage, or Spring plants? Or something unnatural, garish and repulsive?

And the dream's context in your present life: 5. Is there any upcoming issue in your personal life -- perhaps something potentially dangerous that may require a choice on your part that could have long-lasting consequences? So that this upcoming issue could appear as a Challenge or Barrier?

Now back to your dreams again. As a Jungian dream interpretation specialist, I believe that dreams DON'T just come to show us something we already know, but to show us (symbolically) something we don't yet realize, but need to understand in order to lead our own lives in the direction(s) that are best for us (and most Higher-Wisdom--aka God--directed).

You say that your mother has probably come to you in these dreams to transmit a warning--presumably about your near future. This time your dreams came three times. It's a classic facet of Folktales that the third try is a charm, that the third or third daughter is the one who solves the problem that nobody else can solve. But in your third dream YOU can see PAST your mother's head in front of you. You can see ahead the barrier that she cannot see. And YOU say to her "Mom we are going to hit."

In dream symbolism "SEEING" symbolizes becoming consciously aware of what is being seen, and by psychological extension, consciously realizing something that has always been unconscious before. And once you're conscious of what's in your way, you can involve your conscious mind in equal partnership with your unconscious mind (whose usual purpose and method of operation is to keep up our momentum by guiding us in solving every issue that comes our way in the same ways--according to the same habits--that we've always done before.

That's why you're jostled and shaken-up by the accident each time, but always comfortable afterwards. For this sort of "accident" (meaning unforseen crisis-collision-with-some-damage) and subsequent restoration of your comfort-zone is familiar to you: that is habitual.

So the key to the unknown meaning of this dream, and to its potential for guiding you towards a significant change in your life, is this: 5. (rephrased) WHAT Event(s) (quite possibly known or unknown to you at present, but coming in the very near future) or also Thought(s) & Feeling(s) seem similar enough to this "Accidental Jolt-from-a-barrier" to have triggered your dreams?

I have a pretty good guess about what sorts of oncoming events could trigger your dream. But I'm wrong about as often as I'm right, and I don't want to take away the thrill of discovery from YOU, the dreamer, to whom this potentially life-changing revelation rightfully belongs.

I just spotted another phrase in your responses that might add to this dream's meaning for you: 6. Is there any aspect of your childhood upbringing that could have felt like "being shuffled back and forth in the backseat" of the family car? (My wife experienced something like this at the age of 11, as 2nd child between older sister 13 and brother 9, when their father suddenly died of a heart attack at work, and nobody was allowed to grieve after 3 days. Perhaps your grieving was also squashed by adults.)

You really do deserve the revelation that your dreams are trying to give to you, and it's worth way more than this website charges you. So just hang in and answer the 5 questions I've posed this time, and we should reach the finish line, with hopefully enough evidence in print to reveal the truth and value of how your dreams are working for your freedom, well-being and psychological&spiritual development.

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

I apologize for beginning with "I too have emergencies." That was a confusion between you and another dream-questioner who couldn't respond to questions all day yesterday. But it is often the reason for late replies from me. I also get more insight into a dream if I sleep overnight on it after reviewing the transcript before bed--at around 2:30 am last night after an outdoor concert which my wife could barely handle in her weakened state.

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

PS. When I wrote about involving your conscious mind in equal partnership with your unconscious mind, I meant that only your conscious mind can CHOOSE your course of action in your real world, and WILLPOWER is available to your conscious mind, and conscious CHOICE and WILLPOWER can provide a (temporarily adequate) counterforce to unconscious habit (momentum) and thus change the course of your life. By analogy, your unconscious habits are like the strong current of a flowing river; but your conscious mind can Swim Upstream for a short distance. And that may be enough to change the course of your life--and therefore even the course of the unconscious currents that ruled unchallenged before.