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I had a dream of a relative I never met who j have seen in

Customer Question

I had a dream of a relative I never met who j have seen in past dreams of someone who was just observant of myself. This time she walk up the stairs of the house I grew up in and she gives me a hug and admits to me finally that she's my second aunt from my fathers side of the family (who I do not communicate with at all) then my mother walks in and says "you finally told her" referring to the woman finally telling me she's family. So then we go downstairs and my mom brings her up to me and says she would like to give you one more hug. When she hugs me I go into a state of paralysis and I am fighting her off in the dream. I throw her off of me into a door leading outside still in a paralysis state and I look up and the woman turned into my sister. Were yelling at each other and keep trying to tell my mom which one of us is truly the devil and who not to trust and I was being the honest one. Then I woke up and have been scared to fall asleep ever since then. What does this mean?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Do you know what event(s) or thought(s)/feeling(s) might have triggered this dream? Are your parents divorced? Is their estrangement between your mother's side and your father's side of your family?

Going upstairs=achieving something, getting happy; going back downstairs=returning to reality (ordinary life), also deflation, defeat or depression. Some cold-war between your patriarchal and martriarchal family branches--not really solved by this long-awaited meeting.

To have a good chance of discovering the whole meaning of this dream, we need to determine which parts are the same as in your real life, and which parts are opposite or contrasting from what's actually happening in your divided family. If you will comment on which relations in your family are behaving realistically in the dream in comparison to waking life and your present expectations, we can begin to reach the deeper, more surprising meaning.