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I had a dream a tree fell on my vacant house. It tore the

Customer Question

I had a dream a tree fell on my vacant house. It tore the side of the house in the upstairs bedroom down to the widow of the bottom floor window. It was such a vivid dream that it took me a moment to realize it was a dream. Here is where it gets interesting to say the least. About an hour after I actually did wake up, as I was sitting in my living room I heard a loud noise. I went outside and a huge 100 year old tree fell.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

I take it the tree did not tear open your house? And your house was not vacant. At least on the surface I don't see much to interpret about your dream--since it was clearly predictive--and 1 hour in advance is not an impossible amount of time for the human psyche to experience a catastrophic event. I knew two students at my university WELL who experienced elements of the World Trade Center attack a few WEEKS in advance; I dreamt the onset of my own two-decade-long dangerous heart condition 3 days in advance--etc.

What interests me is why the dream presented your house as vacant: How did you know it was "vacant?" Were there any sense-images involved? Or was it just "knowing" like an already known fact? Where was the upstairs bedroom and the torn open area in your dream house compared to the position of the tree that actually did fall 1 hr later vis-a-vis the house in which you were sleeping in the living room?

The only idea about this difference between your dream and your reality I can hatch without getting more details from you is this: Your "vacant house" may represent the impact on your personality-&-sense of existing-in-your-home-space as a combination of both the building AND its surrounding environment. So the falling tree was effectively wounding the dream-image of your whole-personality-in-its-environs, since this is often what "my house" in a dream symbolizes--since the close-in outside environs are NOT structured with furniture, so they are "vacant."

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I'm sorry I wasn't clear. I have two houses next to each other. The vacant one was left to me when my grandmother passed away 3 yrs ago, but it is still fully furnished. I live in a house approximately 60 feet behind her old house. The tree that fell in the dream hit that/her house. The tree that actually fell is near my house but it did not do any damage. I was going to cough it up to just coincidence but it gave me a strange, not necessarily eerie, feeling. In the dream the tree did expose the inside of the house.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

An event like that serves to show us that dream-time is something beyond linear time. I'd take the assumption that there IS symbolic meaning in WHERE the dream-tree exposed your grandmother's house (since that's NOT what happened in real life). What is the significance of THAT upstairs bedroom? And could you SEE anything in particular as a result of the treefallo? Were you aware that the house was vacant in the dream?

I have to sleep--rough weekend, but I'll do more tomorrow, esp if you write back about how that part of that house is distinguished from all the rest of it.--since it could represdent your grandmother's own personality in relation to her outward contacts or environs.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
In the dream I knew it was vacant. Nothing about the home or life was any different. I could see into the room from where the dream tree had torn the siding off. Furniture was the same and in the same place as it is in real life. In my dream I was so upset that it happened and stressed about how on earth I was going to fix it. This home was built in 1872 by my grandfathers family. That particular bedroom was considered the boys room back in the 1800's and 1900's. In the 70's and 80's my uncle used it when he came to visit but no one else ever used it. We use to play all over that house as children but never really played up there unless we were sliding down the banister. Not until a year prior to my grandmothers death did it give me an eerie feeling when I went up there to clean it. I haven't spent more than 10 minutes in that room since 2013 when my grandmother passed away. I really haven't spent more than 30 minutes at a time in that house (and only about 8-10 times) since then. It's still difficult for me to be in there and her not be there like she always has been. Even after 3 years I still am grieving. I live in the country on 60 acres and there are an abundance of trees. One falling on a house or car has always been a concern. I suppose what has my attention the most is the coincidence of dreaming a tree fell on the house and a tree actually falling next to the house an hour to two hours later.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

As I wrote before, that's just to show you that this dream is important enough to transcend ordinary time. It's too late for me to write more tonight. Because I have to take my daughter to paindoc tomorrow early. Your associations to being a child and apprehensive about your uncle who came there highlights the point of contact. Perhaps the opening is either depotentiating your trepidation about your uncle, or inviting you to explore and dissipate your fears about any secrets that might be there. Any further comments would be welcomed--you're suggesting this dream might be contributing to your grieving process.

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Normally I ask about the dream trigger(s) and the biggest SURPRISE OR SHOCK. You've answered the second question--but could there also be a triggering thought or event that's recently before instead of an hour AFTER the dream? Something related to the Uncle or MF relationships, assuming Customer means you're female. Your codename suggests you cherish your childhood attention within your family; is that so?

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Does your grandmother's central authority ion family acres support that 2adorable self-image? Was the Uncle related to that personality-characteristic or not?

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