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Dr-A-Green, PsyD
Category: Dream Interpretation
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In my dream I'm running away from something and it seems like

Customer Question

In my dream I'm running away from something and it seems like a big bubble that's coming after me with all the negative things and people who don't care for me I try to push it back but can't and it pushes me to the edge of a cliff and I just jump off the cliff and I fall for What seems any eternity and I land in the ocean which is not calm but it's not boiling either. I then swim for what seems like a long time to a shore there I am met by a woman that I care deeply about we are friends and I've had sexual relations with her ( we are both married) and she seems to calm me down just her touch on my neck can calm me down and she soothes me and strokes my hair.. And sometimes in this dream that's all we do and other times we make seems that then I can get some peaceful rest...
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr-A-Green replied 1 year ago.
This appears to be your unconscious's rather complex way of telling you that you may need to become more deeply involved in those things that you try to avoid. For example, all the negativity is in a bubble. This could symbolize how you think about/deal with these issues. It may mean that you compartmentalize a little bit - like when something annoys/bothers you, you might tend to push it away in favor of focusing on a different area of your life. So, eventually, all these compartmentalized issues build up, and -in your dream- they start to chase you (even though you put them in a bubble!). In the dream world, this bubble pushes you to the edge of a cliff, which is over water. This makes sense too. Once those issues catch up, they might force you to deal with the emotion you've been avoiding (symbolized by the water). And yet, the water doesn't hurt you. You're not drowning, boiling, or otherwise harmed. So this is your mind's way of telling you that it's okay to fall. It's alright to deal with these issues because, while the fall is scary, the end result is not.Lastly, it sound like after you've pushed through the emotions related to the concerns from the bubble, you're met with care and soothing (symbolized by an intimate partner you care about). This could mean that, deep down, you believe that once you deal with these problems - and make it through the associated emotions - that you will feel free and loved...and can finally rest.
Expert:  Dr-A-Green replied 1 year ago.
Did you have any further questions regarding your dream? Just checking in...Thanks,Dr.G.