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I had a dream a few nights ago now it was about myself and

Customer Question

I had a dream a few nights ago now it was about myself and my Girlfriend who to me in real life i believe is my twin soul. We have been separated for a few weeks now, not because of any problems with us or between us just do to life circumstances. But back to my dream now I swear that night we both transcended out of our bodies and met some where it was fall and we where walking down a old country road, the sun had just risen in the sky it was a cool morning as we walked the leafs were just a glow with colour with the sun shinning on them they still had that fall fresh dew upon them. And the sun beams gave my was shining upon my girls face and was giving her fave such an amazing glow the way it just glimmered off of her beautiful complexion, as we walked along the road she was feeling a little cool so we snuggled closer together as we walked with me putting my arm around her as opposed to holding her hand as i had been doing earlier ! okay so there is a lot more to this but at this point i stopped and asked her if any of this sounded familiar to her okay. Because in my head and in my heart i truly believe this actually happened and she had joined me in this dream. I am so sure that we both either transcended or left our bodies some how and met, okay that i would actually bet my life on it meaning if it did not happen then i should go to sleep the next night and never wake up again. i don't know how to make the point to her that i am not crazy but it was all real so much so that if it was not real that i should die. that is how positive i am of this ... because i do not want to die by any means! KNOW I NORMALLY DO NOT DREAM BUT IF I DO I NEVER REMEMBER THEM SO I SAY I DO NOT DREAM OKAY. BUT THIS I REMEMBER SO VIVIDLY IT WAS SO REAL I FELT THE COLD AIR THE SUN STARTING TO WARM US AS WE WALKED OKAY. THIS DID HAPPEN... I KNOW IT DID OKAY. BUT SHE LOOKED AT ME AND THINKS IT IS CRAZY AND IT NEVER HAPPENED I WAS TRYING TO TELL HER THE STORY TO TRY AND JOG HER MEMORY OF THE EVENT. SHE SAYS IT NEVER HAPPENED PERIOD. SO MY QUESTION IS DID IT HAPPEN AND IF SO HOW DO I GET HER TO REMEMBER IT? OR AM I JUST CRAZY ? I YOUR HELP AND THOUGHTS ON THIS PLEASE
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  CounselorJules replied 1 year ago.
Well, thank you for your question! I want to be able to respond thoroughly! First I commend you for being so open to your subconscious and recognizing that your higher consciousness is coming through to you. I love that you used the phrase "twin flame!" Very few people really recognize how we have soul groups and may have even had past lives together. That may sound corny but I do acknowledge the possibility of this.
I do not think you are crazy at all! You are simply evolved spiritually so that you can appreciate this experience. Maybe your dream was also symbolic of a higher state of bliss and representative of your deep emotions for her. You tapped into your consciousness of what "love and light" prepares us for. Are you "metaphysical" in nature? Because it sounds like you are describing an ability to manifest and attract this relationship to you.
I am not sure that you can cause her to remember the dream or interaction, but you can use meditative tools to join the same consciousness you experience in a dream and use a guided meditation to recreate this. Have her participate in this with you.
Let me know what you think!
Expert:  CounselorJules replied 1 year ago.
If there's more we can process I would be happy to. I will be looking for a response
Expert:  CounselorJules replied 1 year ago.

I am also going to suggest a few YouTube videos by a woman named "Teal Swan." I think that you would really appreciate her insight.

The last link is about having an out of body experience through seeking support from the higher conscious. I included links about dreams, guided meditation and twin flames. I hope you enjoy them and find them to be helpful.

Please don't forget to provide a positive rating if you feel the information provided has been helpful. Thank you again for using the site. Keep those amazing dreams happening! Best wishes! Julie

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