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Thx ever so much basic, fundamental, and elementary

Customer Question

Hello Dr. Brown. My name is Mark ***********. Thx ever so much for your basic, fundamental, and elementary interpretation of my on going prophetic dreams. Your good. Really, you are!
Another Clairvoyant Dream, Right Down To The "T":
I was 16 in 1977 and about 10 minutes before I woke up, I dreamt [Read Again], I was walking to Palo Verde H.S. Tucson, AZ 85710, to get my school books a week before 10th grade started. As I was walking, I was wearing a white t-shirt with long yellow sleeves, and blue jeans, and blue Adidas sneakers with yellow stripes on them. So about 10 minutes after leaving my parents house, I was walking alongside the Palo Verde H.S. tennis courts, I met my friend "Fred Funk". He had on a short sleeve shirt with red and purple thick horizontal stripes, dark blue jeans, white hightop tennis shoes with green stripes on them, carrying three school books in his right hand, and walking in my direction. We talked for a moment and went on our marry way...End of dream. After I woke up, I started outside to go to my H.S. to get my school books. Here's how the conscience of reality of it all went down; please go back to the top of this paragraph where it reads, [Read Again].
I don't know why these psychotic weird dreams continue on to this day. I feel like they're never gonna stop. That's ok I guess, right Dr. Brown??? I think there's a lot more to life than what we really know or see in the universe and beyond the 10 dimensions or M-Theory or String Theory or any other type of quantum physics that we have to live with. I believe that the universe has a conscious and that we're all apart of that conscious. Thus when we die, we go to an even higher level consciousness, and it doesn't stop there. Wherever we go, the next elements will protect us. I feel it and dream it all the time. The things that we cannot prove, are the things that we are. When we step outside at night and view the universe, we are only looking back at time and at ourselves. Your the second person Doctor, that I ever said this to, who may understand this. Light itself means everything. Here's another thing that I never tell anyone. Lots of people calls me weird, pussy, and psychotic in every sense of the word since I can remember as a kid, thru out my military life, thru college, and right up to now at 54 years old. I really don't care much tho it does get me thinking about myself just a little bit. But, I refuse to change to their way of how they want me to be, so as they can understand me. Heck I don't even understand my own self. Age means nothing to me but only one thing; and that is about how many times we've been around the Sun. Big deal🙄! I choose free-will. I go around telling people that I love them. However, most do not say it back to me. {So I move on}. I have about 3 friends, but they are best friends to others. (No response back to me from them, is not a boo-hoo thing at all,🤓). I say it whether it's a guy or a girl (Adults). Oh, one other thing tho, I've always been called, "highly intelligent". To this day I don't know why. I am who I am. I am a bastard tho, in it's true meaning. I recently found my bio-father online. He's was a Major General in the US Air Force. I was born in Oxford, England and adopted from a pretty poor orphanage at 4 months old in Oxford, England. I'm not a pervert in any such way. I can text a heck of a lot more than I ever socialize. I never lie, because I never hardly talk. Even my wife can't understand me. I heard her tell other people that she can't understand me behind my back, during our ongoing 20 year marriage. And I can sense what people are feeling before they ever speak. I'm just me. I love to think outside the box 100% of the time and never return. My wife Darlene, tells me that I'm always fading in and of time while constantly thinking and thinking. I was brought up on Langly Air Force Base in Washington D.C. Then lived in beautiful Arizona. But at 7 years old, I was diagnosed as being mentally retarded from a physiatrist at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ever since then up to now, I'm still seeing a physiatrist at the Tucson VA Hospital. Yet, there's nothing I can do to help them lol. But for real, they haven't got a name for what or who I am during their prognosis. Well I think I've said enough. I hope I didn't bore you with these 805 words and 4,025 characters. How soon can I get a response from you Doctor Brown?
Thank U Doctor for your time, and letting me share. Sheesh😥
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Angela--Mod replied 1 year ago.
I am a moderator for this topic. I have sent a message to your requested Expert to reply to you here. You do not need to reply to me or take any action, you will receive a notification when there is a new reply to your question.
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

I am not Dr. Brown but I have been reading your dreams. While the doctor is caught up in his activities I would like to discuss your dreams with you if you are willing? Are you the same person with the prophetic dreams? I have a more spiritual perspective on dreams. What I have learned was not through any humans or books. It came from a spiritual sense. I believe with you being labeled as mentally retarded is confirmation of your ability to have such strong spiritual gifting. The world likes to label people such as yourself mentally retarded or with some title of "mental diagnosis" is because they cant not explain the spiritual sense of what is going on with that person. It has nothing to do with logic and the mind. It has to do with our spirit and our ability to do things through the spirit. This scares people so they label you with a name they can understand and control, and then send you to therapy to keep it under control. When in fact you have the ability to do great things spiritually.

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