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It is probably of interest to know that my mother recently

Customer Question

It is probably of interest to know that my mother recently passed away. I have been having some bizarre dreams!
I dreamed I was on the back porch of the home I grew up in. All of my family was there, sisters etc. aside from my mother and father who are now both deceased. It was night time. We were going to eat. I was thinking about preparing my plate when someone (I don't know who) said "Are we going to eat or catch those ghosts down there." (down there meaning the back yard) I looked down into the back yard and saw a green glowing light surrounding figures and said lets catch those ghosts. I went down to the back yard and as I neared the figures I could see that it was an Indian family (hindu) an older grandmother a younger woman holding an infant, a young child perhaps six or seven years old and a man. Each of them had a very serious look about them. I was able to get very near them. I feared they would disappear as I drew near. I said to myself these people must have all died together, perhaps a car accident. Strangely the young boy stepped toward me, none of them spoke. The boy had a painted just below his left eye a curved line and the number six. I was not afraid, nor was I excited .... my feeling was that of total seriousness.The next thing I recall is being back on the porch, which is more like a deck, it sits high above the back yard. My brother in law and I were throwing dishes out into the back yard. Not aiming at anything particular but just trying to get it through the branches of the tree. I noted a nest in the tree and thought about trying to hit it but decided against it. At that point the awning of the porch slowly closed down and I was unable to throw the dishes through the narrowing gap.The next thing I recall is my back yard being the ocean. There was a boy in the water, trying to help a deer jump over the waves. I do not know who the boy was. He was not the same "ghost boy" from earlier.The overall feeling of the dream was calm. Very calm. I had no sense of urgency, no fears, it was weird!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

With your mother passing, do you feel that you are finding yourself searching deeper into the spiritual world? Catching ghost can be showing how you are being awakened to something more spiritual going on around you. The back yard is showing things that are going on in the back of your mind. With the boy having the #6 painted on his eye relates to our flesh and the world. So perhaps this new path you are on is of a very serous nature since this was how the people were being portrayed in the dream. Being on the deck of the back porch is being elevated above things, as you are able to see more clear of what is going on. Throwing the dishes through the branches can be pertaining to what you are currently taking in. Dishes are tools used to hold our spiritual nourishment. Since the gap was starting to narrow. you are starting to narrow down on certain information you are taking in.

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