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I have been having past month very vivid dreaming cycles,

Customer Question

hi Dr. ***** *****, My name is***** have been having for the past month very vivid dreaming cycles, that are truly memorable. The first one was about a month ago.... I dreamed of a Lion, the Lion wanted to be my friend/pet. It was licking me and climbing on me ( its actions were like a cross between a cat and a dog) very playfully wanting to interact. I was afraid but not afraid because of its playful character, but would try to hide to get away from the Lion. But as I was hiding in the dream and trying to get my family to keep it away from me, it would always find me...Then more licking and playing it would want to do with me. As I awoke that morning I knew and remembered that I had dreamed of a lion but at that moment did not recall the whole dream. That day I was helping my middle daughter move to a new college, when we arrived at the college we had to make some changes to her schedule for the starting semester. The counselor making the changes had a picture of a Lion on his computer as his screen saver, out beside the Lion, was the word Leo... also, at that point I was told when commenting about Leo that the Lions were the school's mascot! In a flash the dream returned to me at that moment with the details that I spoke of above. I took the dream as a confirmation that my daughter was perhaps where she needed to be:) but still think there might be a little more to the dream than just that...
JA: Thanks. Can you give me any more details about your issue?
Customer: The very next night after dreaming of the Lion I dreamed I was getting married, I dreamed I was wearing a Red two daughters were there as well... but in the dream I was unsure of whom I was marrying. I ask them who was I getting married to and they spoke of a man whom I have shared a past relationship with that is still very much in my heart (not in my life) and who is unavailable.(married) The dream was in a surrounding where there were also others getting married at the same place ( as if you were waiting your turn) The groom whom I was supposed to be marrying had not made it to the ceremony yet. There were groomsmen there as well, his groomsmen (whom I did not know...) they assured me that he was coming and will be there in the knick of time. As It became closer to my turn to be married they called out the name of the name of his (groom) daughter, there was a desk that was I recall looking through the papers on the desk there was a business card with the name of this man's wife on it..(she was employed at the place the marriage was to take place) As I am waiting I received a text message from him, as I look down to only see the grooms (the unavailable man's name) come accross my phone, I awoke from the dream.... Then last night I dreamed I had a baby...the dreams lately have been super vivid. Just curious as to why my dreams have been so vivid lately and is God trying to show me something....
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Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Am I correct in presuming that the lion in your first dream was a male? The coincidence that you're sought out for play right before you're leaving your daughter at her new college suggests that you're about to come into an unexpected access to personal power that coincides with being freed from a good part of your mothering role (is your other daughter still living with you?).

In your next dream you're marrying --but the dream tries to make the groom to be the man you don't have access to anymore. At present you have the unusual opportunity to be creating your own masculine partner, so that you're in charge of all your own initiatives, as well as your creativity and spiritual development. For this your heart nominates the man you still love--but the dream does not actually bring him into the picture, just the written name of him. That suggests that your wishful image of your own independent wholeness still needs his name to fill out the picture of your ideal achievement-of-relationship within yourself.

The last dream of having a baby is the natural sequel to marrying your masculine half, that you would launch a new life into the world. That new life means that you can now begin to grow new dimensions or charactyeristics or activities for yourself.

The challenge of these dreams is to make full use of your new freedom to chart more of your own course in life, and to rejoice in your own lion-strength and love yourself as you once felt loved when you were in love--yet not be in a hurry to project your instinctual power (lion) and potential for self-love and relationship onto another man like the one who's no longer available.

Please feel free to discuss any aspects of your dreams you haven't mentioned--like what the scenes were with your new baby.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The scenes with the baby were very chaotic and busy seemed to never be in one place and we're always on the go...but the baby was very happy. No sex was available to determine whether the baby was a boy or girl. Just me taking the baby with me wherever I was, again very busy with lots of people around. Mostly people in the dream were not recognizable, if this helps:)
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

I started writing to you and then suddenly it was wiped out! Gotta write it again before I go cook for my disabled daughter.

It's always very helpful when you elaborate on a dream scene or elements, because the higher source that composes dreams NEVER throws in something that doesn't help to make the meaning more precise--even when it's precisely vague or general.

The marriage dream features you in a red wedding dress: for YOUR PASSION. but your dream ego (= that aspect of yourself as you perceive yourself that is PARTICULARLY important to be aware of in the "God's-eye view" of this dream) doesn't know whom your passion is directed towards. The closest you can estimate is the one guy whose name you use. So QUESTION: What is unique and uniquely satisfying about him (compared to all other men you've loved, including your father and exhusband) that you would particularly want to incorporate HIM with those qualities into your dual-self-union?

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

In fact your passion (red dress) is NOT directed towards a loverman, but is YOUR passionate energy that is suddenly freed up (by one less kid to use up your energy with mothering) now available to go after whatever creatrive, growth-generating direction in life YOU choose.

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Now on to the baby: As your own new personality beginning to grow, there's a lot of chaos, and you don't know yet where you want to be (or which direction to go) or whether what you want to do will be more boyish or girlish--since you now have some capabilities identified with both sexes. And you have the newfound freedom (if you're not exclusively aiming for a man to hook into) to develop both kinds of qualities AND not focus new energies on being sexual (yet). (You might check back into the qualities and activities you most admire in your groom-namesake, since those will probably show up in the "genes" of your new babyself.) I hope you made a list of what's most unique and satisfying about that exBF and how your were with him. And I'd add that these aspects of "him" have more to do with what you SAW in him than what was really there. For every real person is a mishmash of lots of different ways of being, but what YOU MOST DREW INTO YOURSELF (by virtually = spiritually marrying him) are the aspects your saw in him that you are ready to incorporate into yourself.

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Lastly I'd like to return to the lion who wants to be your pet: How does the lion-who-wants-to-be-your-pet feel to you? and what are its unique characteristics as a being? Does it also manifest some aspects that you have sometimes felt at some times in your life? And what do you make of the King of the Jungle seeking your companionship?

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

PS. Slight warning: You'll be very happy with your new lifeopportunities, but don't distract yourself too much with all the profusion of busyness you can try out. Perhaps it would be wise to start journaling each day, either as you settle down in the evening or before you launch out in the morning, or a little of both. Make some notes on the various things you've done, thought or felt each day, and rate them for how satisfying each one was now that you reflect on it. [This is a variation on an existential exercise, for "what lights your lights?" by listing every moment or activity or contemplation each day that stands out in retrospect "lit up." Then after a month or so you could reread them all and group them into categories-with one goal to find out what kinds of activities are most related to life satisfaction (or also life frustration or suffering) because those might be moves to reduce or avoid.) Thus you could make use of your dreams to begin finding out what moments are likely to ignite your "red dress wedding moments," ie where does your passion for new life & creative growth flare up?

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

PPS. One more thing about the Lion. The dream-drama shows your dream-ego (again an aspect of your self-as-you-know-her that you're invited to pay special attention to) trying to hide from the lion, even tho its (did it have a male mane, or not? or have a mane but not feel like a male-predator type?) playfulness did not lead to fear. You're using your family to hide from the playing-with-lion energy you would soon be setting free once you dropped your daughter off at college. So another gentle warning here: Don't keep using your family obligations (eg mothering) to avoid contact with your lion-play-energy!

You could even make a quick list of different things you could DO (eg creative, playful, lionlike, daring, fearlessly warmfuzzy&friendly) and then set out to DO one of them each week. Be forewarned here too: You could run into some very lifechanging moments this way!

(But then how often do you let yourself be completely free of good-family-shepherdess roles?)

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

PPPS. Women often dream about domestic cats as an image of themselves luxuriating in their own bodies & independent of human attachment, yet loving when they want to be. But how is a LION different from a domestic cat? Make that comparison (from your dream) on paper in words (and/or drawings), and reflect on how THAT LION could signal a sudden (hence somewhat scary) EXPANSION of your feminine self.