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Mrs.SandMan, Consultant
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  Spiritual Scholar of dreaming last 5 years.
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I had a dream about a recently deceased friend. I was inside

Customer Question

I had a dream about a recently deceased friend. I was inside of a nasty, rundown trashy abandoned house where there was a kitten that came out of nowhere purring and rubbing against me. It walked to a closed door and started scratching and meowing so I opened the door and the kitten led me to another kitten that was laying in a pile of trash in feces almost dead. I call out to my friend to come in and help he, he couldn't come in and couldn't help repeatedly. I pick up the kitten and pet it trying to get it to move or respond the other kitten is acting very frantic. The sick kitten opens his eyes then close them and dies the other kitten disappears. I kept calling my friend and he kept saying he couldn't come in and help. Also I don't see my friend I just hear his voice.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

The kittens can represent your gifting or responsibilities in your life you are putting off. The trashed abandoned house is showing your spiritual state that has been neglected. The kittens can also represent your relationship with God that has been neglected. With your deceased friend not being able to help you is showing you can not rely on others to help you in this situation as you need to do this on your own or seek guidance from God in order to heal and mend this part of your life,

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