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Mrs.SandMan, Consultant
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  Spiritual Scholar of dreaming last 5 years.
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I keep having dreams of my daughter's father that I have

Customer Question

I keep having dreams of my daughter's father that I have seen in over 2 years. . He left when I was 8 months pregnant .. my daughter will be 2 in Feb..and the last 3 months he has been in my dreams at least every other night that we are together or getting back together and he's meeting his daughter for the first time. . And in my dreams we are so excited to see each other. . Please help
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

I feel that his is a prophetic dream. The father of your child indeed may show up in your life in the near future. It can also be symbolic of your relationship with God our father who is coming back into your life. Depending on what is going on in your personal life. If you recently have had personal connection to God, then it relates to God. If this is not the case then it means your daughter's father will indeed come back into your and hers life. I hope this helps. Thank you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I honestly had wished things were better then they turned out better between us. Before I had my daughter we had fought a couple different times and I'd dream of him while we broke up and he would call saying he had dreams of me almost the same dreams I'd have of him. . So sometimes I wonder when we sleep if our spirits travel and find each other. .
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

You are correct with the spirit travel. I also experience the same thing. My spirit will connect to people who are not speaking to me and I wish I could connect with in real life. Its almost as though I feel they are receiving dreams about me, because they speak to me in my dreams and we talk through issues and reconcile. So I know God is doing the same with you and your dreams and the father of your child. Sometimes its a long process because of the person has to be willing to overcome their own strongholds and to listen to their dreams. The dreams you are having are good and they are showing you he is in the process of coming back into your life. You just need to keep your faith and your dreams will be answered.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I honestly hope that's true but the only thing holding us back was he was younger then me so his maturity level was off from mine. It's sad cuz he lives the next street over and we see each other in passing but he's never physically seen her. We both have an ego problem that we dont want to admit we still care.. so instead our souls escape at night because our egos wont let us in reality. I felt like he was it for me and then we had a huge blow out before she was born and since I've had dreams of him the last 2 years. . But the last 3 months has been every other night or every 2 nights. . Both him and I were in other relationships thelast year and a half and both him and I broke off our relationships we had almost the same time.. (3 months ago when these dreams really took off) thank you for your help!
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

Wow I am sorry to hear that. I know with him being younger it will take some time for him to mature with age and I know a time will come where he will want to see his daughter. Also if your having so many dreams of this same encounter. I feel that perhaps you could help it along by maybe talking to him or apologizing. Regardless of the situation that took place before her birth, apologizing will help him get over his own emotions.