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Dream Symbolist
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I hope you can help me. Please. I have always had night

Customer Question

I hope you can help me. Please.
I have always had night terrors my whole life. Now they seem to happening several times a night and I wake in a sweaty mess. They all have the same theme, no one can help me. I doesn't matter where I am or what I'm doing NO ONE WILL HELP ME. I've had friends, family, loved ones and strangers just stare at me like I'm not even there. It's to the point where I don't want to sleep. I would appreciate any info. Hope you can help.
Thank you so much,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

Hi, sorry your having night terrors. Depending on your beliefs regarding God and spirituality. Nightmares are to get our attention. Were there any more details in the dream? Details make a huge difference in understanding the meaning. Perhaps with no one helping in your dream is showing you need to go to God to get this help as he is the one that is the giver of dreams. You can be having nightmares as for a few reason, generational curses in one's family. There is also a lot of open doors to sin which the allows the enemy to come into your dreams to torment you. Hidden demons in one's life. I hope I do not offend you with my words but I have dealt with thousands of dreams and they all have the same pattern and I can help you if you are willing. Thank you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello there, I'm not offended at all about what you said. I do believe in God and I'm a spiritual person. At the moment I have John of God and his enties working on me and my family. These dreams take place in supermarkets, city streets, peoples houses virtually anywhere. Most of the time someone is trying to follow or hurt me. The last one I had I had been just me getting lost in my own city. I didn't recognize any streets and there was no one but homeless people who spoke no English and drug addicts around. I did ask for help but I was ignored. I guess the most common thing is is that I'm just being ignored. I hope I've given you what need. If not please let me know.
Thanks again,
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I would love to have a conversation but unfortunately my husband lost his job in April and money is not of abundance at the moment. That is why I have asked the help of John of God. I would appreciate any other info you have.
God Bless and have a wonderful weekend,
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

Hi, may I ask who John of God is? I am not familiar with what you are speaking of. Do you in real life feel that people are ignoring your need for help? Do u know who this person is in your dreams? Do you remember anything about how they are dressed or appearance? May I ask if you have any addictions or struggles relating to drugs or any substances? Sorry for all the questions but it helps me in understanding.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
John of God is a healer I Brazil. He's actually not the one who heals but he allows different entities to enter his body and heal. Just Google him if your interested. I don't have the money to go to Brazil but he does distant heelings. Anyway, I do not have any addictions. I've stopped my depression meds a month ago. I used to smoke pot a while back in order to not dream. It's really the only thing that works. With two kids and not enough income coming in I can no longer do that. Anyway, the most frightening dream I used to have took place in a supermarket. There was an invisible entity or person who kept chasing me. Most resent no one is chasing me but I can't find my way out of what ever situation I'm in and everyone just ignores me. I could be anywhere. I hope I'm giving you the info you need. I truly appreciate your time and effort. Thank you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The antidepressant I was on has a 66 hour half life. I was able to taper for a week. I've has no adverse effects from coming off of it. The only drug I take on a daily basis is blood pressure meds at a very low dose. I'm 42 years old and have had an bad child hood. No one really paid attention to me and had to take grow up fast in order to help take care of my brother with Down's syndrome and my youngest brother (6 years apart). My youngest brother shot himself in the the head and died in 2001. He uses to have bad dreams too. My son seems to have the same night terrors I have. I used to have falling dreams where I knew I was going to fall and I would try to keep my body still but I would still hit the ground and shake in real life. It's like I was awake but I wasn't. I don't have thoses dreams as much anymore. Thanks for listening.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No one has ever taken the time to listen to my dreams. I truly appreciate it. I really enjoy making making body whips and soap. I would love to send you some As a thank you. Just let me know and I will get some in the mail ASAP. If your not I to that know bs of thing no offense taken.
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

Hi, thank you so much for sharing. Truly appreciate your offer for body whip and soap. :-) I love homemade products. In fact I have my own milking cow and I like to make my own butter and cheese. I also make my own lotions from time to time. I will have to check and see if I can share my address here, it might be against the rules and I could be kicked off I do. So let me check on that first. Thank you very much. :-)

First I would like to address this John. You said he allows different entities to come into this body to heal? Through my experience this is a red flag. As I have healed many myself with the use of the holy spirit. The holy spirit should be the only entity that should be allowed in one's vessel. So I just want to give you heads up to be careful about this person as he could be a false healer, and if he is a false healer he will actually allow demons to come in and possess your vessel instead of healing. This could make your dreams worse. With healing you need to go through a deliverance process. Now if you have been baptized or have had hands laid on you for the holy spirit to come into your body. This would be the first step. Second step, Deliverance simply starts with "fasting". Fasting simply means you can give something up that keeps you comfortable. Such as eating, watching TV, smoking, anything that is hard for you to give up for a day. Fasting can take place for a day or two days or longer. God knows and you will know when your fasting is over. During your daily return I recommend to use the power of Jesus name to fight off these entities. If your having a bad day, or are feeling anger or depression, or are tempted to do bad things, this is when you say out loud "I rebuke this in Jesus name." Keep saying that out loud as much as you can (at first you will feel shy or scared to say this, but remember that is just the enemy keeping you away from healing). Each time you do this you will grow stronger. Once you have fasted, God will reveal to you these demons that have been tormenting you. You will have dreams about these demons. You will have a "spiritual fight" with them in your dreams. That is when you can start to get rid of the these entities in your dream. Right now they are hidden and are overpowering you. Once you start using the holy spirit you will indeed overcome these nightmares. Once you are able to deliver yourself of these demons, then you can start with generational curses which are demons that are passed down and this is why your son is being affected. I would highly recommend this site for information regarding dreams. . Feel free to keep corresponding on here with me until this post time runs out. I would get your personal information but it is against the rules for me to ask you this information.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am also a healer and am able to recognize negative energy. I have really had to learn how to ground and surround myself with white light. This is something that I do daily because if I don't I take take on EVERYONES energy.
PLEASE read about John of God. He was chosen by Christ to become a healer at a young age. He has helped millions of people. A good friend of ours was cured of a a rare cancer. When the Dr's first told him about his state they told him that he basically needed a miracle, so he asked where he could get one. The Dr closed the door to his office and told him that Jonn of God was the only miracle he knew. He was on a plane the next day. He stayed for 2 weeks came home and was completely cured. Dr's had no explanation. Jonn Of God only has maybe 5-7 entities that channel through him. They are all Dr's who lived long ago and Christ. He can do distant surgeries on people. When they have x-rays done you can see the stitches inside the patient but no insision. He is a true man of God. In fact he's who brought me back to God. His distant healings have helped my family out a great deal. There are very strict rules dietary rules during the 40 days of healing. I have read every book written about him. All of his work Is free. You can read about the entities that work through him. They have been the same Saints and Dr's from when he began at the age of 9. Their names are***** of Assisi, St. Frances Xavier, St. Rita, Dr. Augusto de Almeida, Dr. Oswald Cruz and Dr. Jose Valdevino.
I will look into the book you recommended and I will do a fast. I have several friends who do fasts in order to get them through situations or when they wright christian books. Thank you for all of your suggestions and time. It's sad that we can't exchange any personal info. Are you sure there's no way around it. I would never want to do anything to jeopardize what you. What if I left you my phone number or e-mail? It would to only get your address no advise given. Please let me know.
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

Ok thank you for the information. I will indeed look into this man you are speaking of. I would love to exchange information with you but it is against their rules on this site and its reason for removal of myself if that happens. I do encourage though for you to check out this Facebook page, please do send a msg as you will be very pleased if you do. :-)

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

I'm psychological dream interpreter (MA 1975, Marriage & Family Therapy license from 1976, PhD 1999; 50+ yrs with my own dreams, 40+ in a professional capacity). I don't seek to "get your business" or your allegiance away from Mrs. Sandman, and I don't need your money. But I think you have a right to a psychological interpretation of your dreams, as well as a Christian interpretation. My wife (also psychotherapist, retired) and I are students of Carl Jung, a Swiss German psychoanalyst-revisor of Freud who saw the work of God in dreams and thus reunited psychology and religion--but it was a universal spiritual-religion that could take particular form in the revered symbolic images & characters of any religion or personally unique belief system.

A modern psychologist would normally seek out relationships between your waking life circumstances and your dream-terrors before assuming a predominantly demonic process: Though Jungian psychologists view every psychological problem-set as a spiritual crisis as well. A "generational curse" is the Biblical language for what happens with the majority of human beings--that the psychological knots and conflicts of each generation are passed on to the next in some form. But if we work on our issues by bringing what is unconscious (but manifested symbolically in dreams) into consciousness and also work on our issues consciously and in our outer lives, we can develop more in the direction(s) that God (higher power) intends for us, and our transmission of psychological issues to our children may be less oppressive than what we have had to bear. (In your family your boy might be so sensitive that he's picking up the anxiety in your dreamlife, especially if your husband is NOT sensitive to what you're going through.

My first reaction to your dreams is that the pursuer in your dreams represents some of your past psychological issues that need to be dealt with consciously in your life--ideally by discussing them with a skilled psychotherapist and also watching your dreams to see how they reflect on that therapeutic work you are doing.

Do you have the sense that your pursuer is male? Or just of completely unknown gender? The fact that nobody else can help you suggests (as Mrs. Sandman advises also) that the ways to deal with your inner terror are not to be found in other people--but within yourself, where these terrors are coming from.

But some of your dreams seem to begin in supermarkets, or other people's houses (are they known people, or unknown houses?) If you're a stay-at-home mom, then it is possible that these places represent your most common chances to get out into the world around you--unless you also work at a regular job. If your terrors originate (as your brief description of dreams suggest) when you're in the outside world, that suggests that you may feel powerless outside of your own home.

Now it's possible that ONE SIGNIFICANT TRIGGER for your terror dreams, or at least for their current intensity, is that your husband has lost his job, and you're desperately poor. You mention that two major elements of your bad childhood were having to become responsible for your Down-Syndrome brother, and then your other brother's suicide. Perhaps your husband's current unemployment and therefore highly probable depressive reactionS, as well as your own withdrawal from antidepressive medication, have led you to feel a lot like the combination of being undeservedly responsible for supporting (emotionally & domestically) a man who (can't) work, and even worrying that he might hurt himself (or hurt you) like your other brother once did. Men hate to be unable to perform their duty as a family provider, so that damage to his self-image could lead him into erratic or self-destructive behavior. Your life could feel quite oppressive and undeserved at this time.

Having a potential miracle-worker like John of God working for you could help, and giving you HOPE is an extremely valuable gift. Miracles can happen; and one of the personal changes that can become the sufferer's most valuable contribution to such a miracle is to grow a PURPOSE and PASSION that gives her abundant motivation for living life to the fullest.

SO if the unseen figure pursuing you is probably a male, then what you can do for yourself is to seek out your own meaning and purpose in life, in addition to raising your children, and to focus some energy into finding a role for yourself in the outside world that gives you a sense of having enough Power to take care of yourself. At present that might involve some work that earns money, because of your family's dire financial condition. Your belief in yourself as a healer might lead you into some useful roles with people around you, tho you might have to keep your "spiritual" abilities disguised and work in a medical or caregiving or customer-service capacity. (During my wife's and daughte4r's ongoing chronic illnesses I have discovered women working in hospitals as room-cleaners who were "folk-healers:" One (Bahamian) assured my wife that she would survive when she was expected to die in a day. Another (Colombian) sent the energy of the Virgin of Guadalupe through my hands when I was ministering to my daughter in her sleep after an operation. Apparently hospitals can be spiritual "Cities of Healing" despite the failures and corruptions of Western medicine.)

Going off your A-D medication has provoked a crisis because some psychic forces it was suppressing have returned to plague you--and invite you to be conscious of them. Your depression and anxiety (as manifested in your dreams) are symptoms whose message is that 1. you do not have a way of doing work that is useful to your local society (depression) and 2. you don't feel noticed (the dream people you meet everywhere that don't care) and respected for your value by the people in your everyday life, which is your projection of how you were treated as a child--this "invisibility" gives you anxiety like a pressure cooker, because you don't have an adequate means of expressing your pent-up skill&energies in your world.

This is normal for a woman in midlife who hasn't found her way into a meaningful role in the outside world after early motherhood. (My wife counseled scores of women in that situation, and worked for several years as a Women's reentry Counselor at a Community College, where women emerging from divorce went to start the heroic adventure of supporting themselves. You might be able to find similar services in your own area.)

Withdrawing from outside interaction (normal in depression/anxiety) to seek mainly spiritual transformation is not the complete answer in your situation. But a balanced inner&outer approach is needed: cultivating spiritual ego-strength through preferably both regular inner practices--of which both prayer/reading/study and dreamwork are valuable--and ALSO committing to a teacher/therapist (such as you are hoping to do with Mrs. Sandman and John of God--but a dream-guided psychotherapy would work too) AND taking that strength and conviction to the outside world in a meaningful work/contribution would give you the balance you'll need--in due time. Balancing inner spiritual work and outer social work.

Your dreams can provide increasingly accurate guidance thru symbolism, if you record them in specific and chronological detail. And you can remind yourself in the dream that the spiritual higher power you can summon can give you strength to face any pursuer (Mrs. Sandman's version is calling on Christ), learn his/her/its identity and find out what you need to do to get its energetic force cooperating with you instead of pursuing you --"to be NOTICED."

The most blatant difference between the previous Christian interpretation of your dreams and a Jungian psychological interpretation is that ALL DREAMS ARE GOOD for you, because these want you to NOTICE what energies are trying to join with you to help you progress in your worldly/spiritual development, so you can find and advance on the path that God has intended for you.

You obviously have a worldly problem in not being able to pay for the quality of psychological expertise (with spiritual-right-mindedness) of the kind of mentor/teacher I have in mind. But your desire to provide payment any way you can shows that you understand how the world works.

I realize that if you're much more comfortable within the conventional Christian belief structure, you'll want to pursue Mrs. Sandman's guidance and leave the psychological&spiritual knowledge I've presented alone. But at least I've given sme guidance you could use if you want to pursue a worldly as well as spiritual path out of your dream-crisis.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Dr. Brown you hit the nail on the head. I completely can relate to EVERYTHING you mentioned. I'm never aware of the sex of the person who is chasing. Energeticly it feels male and my surrounding are always unknown to me. I became a massage therapist years ago when I was maybe at the end of recovering from my brothers passing. I was doing this full time and my days were packed. I was physically, mentally and Energeticly worn out. I worked through both of my pregnancy sand never lightened my load. I feel like one I have a hold on my depression i would like to return to massage or energy work. I do work full time in Medical field now and hope to return back to school for sonography. My plan is to become close to the bread winner as possible. I WILL NEVER BE IN THIS SITUATION AGAIN. I'm 42 and all of my credits have expired so I'm starting from scratch. I'm determined to do this I NEED TO DO THIS. I Have NEVER had to rely on anyone until now. I know my mind will be more at ease while I'm in school.Another problem is my mother in-law. We have had to rely on her for housing for the past 6 years because of bad credit. Mine is from school loans and my husband is from my MIL buying too many properties under his name and not have the income to support them. We have taken care of my debt and my credit is the best it's ever been. My husbands is getting better but he might have to file for bankruptcy because of his mom. We were given a house from his mother and aunt who currently own the house. We were not leagaly able to buy the house because our credit. We were promised that when we wanted to sell it would be sold and all of the Monet given to us. This house was his uncles dream for us to have. We put thousands of dollars into the house before we moved in because his mother does not take care of her rentals. She also put thousand toward the house to get the mortgage low enought for us to afford. Now, we will have to move because of how long my husband has been unemployed. We've blown through our saving in order to pay our mortgage and just live. We have to move to a more affordable state ASAP. My husband will be going down to AZ to look for work. In the mean time we thought we could sell this house take the money and relocate. We'll not so much. His mother told us that we couldn't sell because of the trouble she was in with other properties. I was never made aware of this until last week 😁. Just when I thought we could get ahead we get slapped down AGAIN.
During the 6 months my husband has been unemployed he never listened to one thing I suggested. Weather it be having different resume as or seeking out a head hunter just to name a few. He knew it all. So I guess I fell like I felt when I was kid again with my parents. Only the stakes are much higher this time and he failed. I have so much resentment for my husband and his mother. I know I need to seek professional help and I have NO problem doing that. I just have to wait till we have more funds coming in. Things are starting to make more sence to me know. Thank you so much for giving me the insight I needed. I truly appreciate the time it took you to read ALL of my posts and respond. I hope you have a wonder life and continue to keep helping people.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Taking my daughter to a doc apptmt--not time to read all you wrote. Glad you're much more worldly-ready than dreams suggested. But they're just plaguing you because (as Stevie Wonder sings) "It's time in my life to find myself again"

More later

Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Now I finished reading what you wrote. My intuition that the dangerous pursuer was a male-entity is reinforced by your frustrations with your husband. In Jungian psychology-of-dreams, a terrorizer of a female dreamer is likely to represent the unempowered masculine side of herself, called "Animus" that is also often projected onto the woman's husband or other male partner. It sounds like you haven't relinquished your worldly work identity--unless you've been restricted in your working by health or family conflict. Perhaps your husband is too close to and too influenced by his mother, and that is an emotional undertow that's sucking away your power over your own destiny. Your husband's helpless-feelings in unemployment he automatically overcompensates for by militaristic dominance--but his reactivity to role-shame could be even worse (alcohol, abuse, withdrawal, womanizing): SO he's suffering from a power-loss too, and family tensions could be high--which your son could pick up in his dreams. Some husbands never separate enough from their mothers to commit to their wives as top priority. I hope you don't have to fight for that, but if you must fight, it's fight or flee; and you'd be better off ASSERTING your need to be uppermost in his mind than letting a bickering tug-of-war undermine your marital bond.

Similar to, but instead of invoking Christ to rebuke demons in your dreams, you could realize that the dream-terrorizer is a split-off energy of yourself (and blowup-doll in husband's uniform). So you would invoke symbols of Higher Power to protect yourself and stop running to turn and seek out your pursuer, so you can negotiate to find out what he(she) wants/needs from you, once you're not afraid anymore. At the same time asserting with your husband, even though military-guys (fatherless?) often have little flexibility for negotiating/compromise. (Knowing too that he has shame/vulnerability from joblessness, so he needs your respect.)

If you advance on all these fronts (including your healer-functioning) you'll see your dreams change. And you can report them here and ask for me. There are very few dream interpreters of skill left operating here, and I'm so busy with my wife's and daughter's illnesses. But I'll look here more frequently. And supposedly either Mrs. S or I could offer you additional services for $5 and be allowed to exchange offline contact info: Skype & email.

An Atlanta public gardening owner (from Iran, well educated) at my YMCA keeps asking me to check out John of God's website, because he wants my opinion on him. He doesn't believe in miracles, but he's seen some among Sufis and other spiritual groups. I know there's so much Western materialistic science doesn't know, and that "intelligence" means openness to learning from experience as well as listening and observing everything. My wife said she'd want healing from J o G if she could find reason to believe in him. Both wife's and daughter's diseases are "incurable," and daughter's is too rare to get enough research in 100 years of its medical existence.