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Morning Dr Rossid. I lost my husband in Febr 2015. Last

Customer Question

Morning Dr Rossid. Im Rene. I lost my husband in Febr 2015. Last night I had a dream about him. I moved resently from the farm where we lived together to town. In my dream I saw him coming into my new home walking straight to my bedroom and lay on my bed. He told me that he wasnt dead for the period that i was alone he was on a strange place but hes back now. Could this dream have a message or something.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

Dreams like yours normally are given to help you deal with your grieving process, so that you can reap more benefit from the relationship you've given so much of your life and love to and eventually move on in your life without him. Your move away from the farm you shared was a conscious initiative toward the second of these goals. I wonder what his "direct" move to join you in your new privacy could be offering to you?

To explore this question I'll ask a few questions: What is your age? and how long were you with him as a couple? Was his passing slow in coming, or did it catch you by surprise? What were your inner intentions when you moved away from the farm? How did you feel about his apparent intention to resume sharing your intimate life (bedroom) with you?

The wisdom in dreams is great, since they can evoke your own response as part of the message you are being offered. So your reactions IN the dream and AFTER waking up could both help you realize where you are psychologically and emotionally about "leaving him"--over half a year after he's "left you." Did the farm symbolize him more than you? or symbolize the merger of your personalities into a "we-ness"--or something else? And how is your new dwelling in town DIFFERENT from the way things were on the farm?--physically, routinely.

Dreams like yours can serve to orient you towards your present psychic-developmental direction(s) at a time when you might be unsure of your deeper needs.

Depending on your inner reactions, his apparent intention to settle in with you in town might also suggest that you either 1. WANT him to stay close for as long as you can have him, or 2. might be trying to "move on" too quickly and need to carry on more spirit-dialogue with him --or accomplish some other tasks--before you're ready to let go of his presence in your mind. Dreams like yours make the most useful meaning when viewed in the context of your present waking attitudes toward your husband.