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I dreamt I was crossing a large river and I was hold two

Customer Question

Hi. I dreamt I was crossing a large river and I was hold two parcels in my hand don't know what were in the parcels though.I was walking along the edge of the river where it was still shallow to try to get to relatively shallow part to cross. The river had a sort of build up wall on part of the edge of it. I got onto that wall and carefully balance on it. I walked on this still holding my parcel until I came to a break in the wall. To get across the break I would have to wade into the water and at this point I was unsure as to how deep the water was. I realized I would have to possibly let go of the parcels I was holding and become anxious I woke up
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.

The dream symbolism suggests that you need to make a change in the way you are leading your life, and you are hoping to do this without risking too much emotional turmoil. So you are trying to "edge yourself" around the change you need to make. But that won't work. You don't know how much unknowable experience and emotion you will need to face to make the change in lifestyle you want to make, and you don't want to let go of certain possessions--or beliefs or ways of being--that seem to be too distractive to protect at the same time as you take the risk of a life change you're not sure you'll be able to cope with with your normal abilities. There are parts of your identity that you can't make sure you'll be able to bring with you if you make the commitment to completing this change.

I hope you'll comment on what I have suggested, by mentioning how it fits your present transition (or threshold) state; for then I may be able to gain greater depth of meaning for the parcels, the wall, and the water. For example, What can you identify as as a "Wall" in your life, that contains and protects from flooding by some forces of life? But ultimately this structure is unable to help you make the change you now need to make, and your trust in it as a way of managing your own life could be getting in the way of what you need to do to adjust to the life changes you now face.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have many responsibility. I am married and have three children . Ages 13years, 15 years and a seventeen year old. The 17year old is my son and is bipolar and also socially challenged.
I am a pharmacist and business owner 12 years now. I manage 2 pharmacies . One of the pharmacies is just 3 years old and business at this branch is slow . It is with some uncertainty that I continue with this branch unsure as to whether I should close it or not. However I have decided to work it until it becomes profitable.
I do have many decision to make.
I am very busy and spend a lot of time away from the kids. My husband is very supportive though but he too works long hours and I am challenged as to how to do my job well and stay connected to familyI know I need to recruit help and delegate duties in order to be more efficient but unsure which person or persons I can rely on
Many of my friendships have dwindled to nothing. I often feel friendless. And I feel isolated from people sometimes. But that is not a problem really because most of the people that would be in my circle are not doing what I am doing and sort of see things differently .
The bot***** *****ne is I am striving for financial freedom. And now that I have been in business for several years I have really come to see opportunity everywhere . All around me there is opportunity. I realize that running the pharmacies is not getting me on the financial freedom that I want for myself and my family. And I am going to get into more business and investments but it's time for me to stop working hard and start working smart.
I am somewhat anxious about biting off my than I can chew... I occasionally compare myself to the dog with a bone in his mouth who looked at his reflection in the pool of water and dropped his bone in an effort to get the bone he saw in his reflection.

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