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Mrs.SandMan, Consultant
Category: Dream Interpretation
Satisfied Customers: 1245
Experience:  Spiritual Scholar of dreaming last 5 years.
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I dreamt there was a golden retriever in my bed wrapped in a

Customer Question

I dreamt there was a golden retriever in my bed wrapped in a blanket, Constant urging he still would not leave. I was on a cruise in my dream, When ib returned from dinner, I was met with a surprise of the dog in my bed, I finally was able to pull him out of the bed and onto the floor, and still he would not budge. He was completely and totally submissive lying on his back and "smiling".
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

Hello, Sorry for your waiting time.

I am sorry the expert you requested is no longer on this site but I would like to help you with your dream if that is ok.

Dreams are usually symbolic in nature.

What does a golden retriever mean to you if anything?

How did you feel during the dream?

Please respond with your answers and then I can provide you with the interpretation.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Golden retrievers are beautiful although I've never personally interacted with one, they a very social and loyal dogs. In my dream however I was VERY annoyed because the dog was in my bed, under my covers, and he wouldn't move... My friends were dying laughing as I attempted to pull the covers off of him, but he rolled over on his back submissively and was completely uncooperative... He was intent on not leaving me.
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for your answers, they do help.

I agree with you, Golden retrievers are super loyal, I grew up with one and his name was Duke, he brought us to the school bus everyday and back.

Dogs in dreams when they don't mean anything specific to a person represent relationships, obligations, responsibilities, and like we talked about-loyalties.

Beds are places of personal space, intimacies, so the dog is in your bed so your dream is about you and your personal space.

He is even under the covers, so this could show that there is something hidden or covered up.

Is there someone who you are in relationship with that is very submissive and does not have any boundaries?

Someone who you feel intrudes on your personal space and demands to much of your attention?

This may not be a person, it could be a job, a attitude, a passion of some sort, anything that fits along those lines in your real life.

What is sticking with you no matter what? This could even be a bad habit that you are trying to rise above.

You as the dreamer will know best on how this fits.

Please, if you have any questions or comments please reply back to me I am happy to help.

Thank you!

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