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Mrs.SandMan, Consultant
Category: Dream Interpretation
Satisfied Customers: 1248
Experience:  Spiritual Scholar of dreaming last 5 years.
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My son is Muslim and I had a dream he was crying and

Customer Question

My son is Muslim and I had a dream he was crying and praying. He was praying so much he began to vomit. I don't know what this dream means. Please help
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Mrs.SandMan replied 1 year ago.

Hello, sorry for your waiting time, I can see that this dream has upset you.

Lets get right to it's meaning. Crying in dreams can show emotion upset, and the praying is his spiritual actions.

Vomiting is rejecting something that you have recently taken into yourself, for example, some news, a layoff at work, a unexpected bill in the mail, gossip, a relationship ending, anything really.

Now he could be representing a part of you or the dream can be about him.

So ask yourself if there is something that you yourself have taken in that you have rejected and has upset you so much it may have shaken your spiritual foundation. If this does apply, the dream is about you, if it does not it is about him.

He would then have to see what he has taken in that has had these upsetting results in his life.

Does this make sense and help? If you have any questions please ask, I am happy to help. Thank you very much.

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