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Dr. Norman Brown
Dr. Norman Brown, PhD
Category: Dream Interpretation
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I had a baby boy (who looked exactly like my nephew) that

Customer Question

I had a baby boy (who looked exactly like my nephew) that was my own child. I was taking him out of his crib because he was crying and took him to see my dad (?) who was in the living room. Then my baby's head turned into this grown man's with red hair
and a goatee. I don't remember the reactions of my dad's or mine but afterwards I knew I had to clean his diaper. I took him to the bathroom and there was this woman on the floor giving birth to a dead baby. Then I noticed a dead black and white border collie
laying under the sink. I remember thinking I didnt want the baby to be around it so I took him away from the bathroom, went back and saw that it was gone. I don't know what happened to the lady either but then I woke up.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.
This is very complicated at first. The baby was also a grown man. What is your nephew's age now? What is your age? Have you ever had a child? Could you write a few sentences about how a border collie is different from a regular collie, and from any other kind of dog? As well as what personal experience you've had with a border collie.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He is 6 months old, I'm 26. Border collies are agile, friendly, smart dogs. I can't say there's a difference too much in dogs because it all depends on what kind of environment they had to grow up in by themselves or with people. All dogs are pretty much the same to me. my own dog is a border collie/dalmation cross but the she looked nothing like the dog in my dream.
I've never had a child.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 1 year ago.
Well Jemjemma, you've got another baby dream--more symbolic guidance for your new beginnings since letting go of M. What do you imagine about red male hair, and a goatee? red hair can traditionally symbolize erotic passion, feiry temperament. If this is the potential of your masculine side (Animus in Jungian symbolism represents the spiritual & creative side of a woman, the energy that connects her to her potential for personality transformation. A goatee connects the baby/male-alterego with the trickster-goat, who is feisty, funny, independent-- and also, when demonized by Christianity, black magic and uncontained carnal lust. In short, this is a very powerful untamed, very clever and fertile potential for your own growth as a person. (The head symbolizes what the male personality's MENTALITY is, even as a new potential. I wonder what it is about introducing him to your father that suddenly awakens this transformation in this infant male side into an image of what his potential maturation will unleash? (I'd imagine it's the essence of your father's contribution to your potential for spiritual flourishing. Seems like it's like the visitation of the dog/wolf in your last dream. But much more exciting and related to the human world.
That revelation reminds you that there's diaper-work again. Dealing with the baby's poop (which is a two-faced image of psychological problems, and also potential fertilizer for new vegetative growth--which I read as the challenge to examine and deal with your psychological issues--but what you see is the possibility that your new growth could just die. And so too, could your agile, friendly, smart instinctual self that is very responsive to the people in your environment. How do you imagine the border collie in your dream's personality would be DIFFERENT from your own BC-dalmation mix? (There IS a precise meaning that your Dream Director chose to symbolize by selecting that dog for that role in your dream!)
When we get a more expanded interpretation for that dramatic performer and more of your own reactions to the red hair goatee male image, we'll have a more precise guiding interpretation for your dream. (I have a very impressive red-hair/goatee young man from a WalMart several years ago that had way more charisma than he knew what to do with; but I need to know what YOU imagine and what effect he has on YOU.)
This dream appears to be a further development from the last one; about what new aspects of yourself have the potential of growing with your new refocusing of your growth-energy into yourself instead of a romantic pair-bond. Your animal imagery is exciting, because you have a rich daily exposure to canine images.

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