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Dream Symbolist
Dream Symbolist, Dream Expert
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  14 yrs. exp. Spiritual Consult. Jr Midwife. Dream Expert
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Dreaming when someone says look there a cut guy over there

Customer Question

Dreaming when someone says look there a cut guy over there and the man terns and smile
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.

Is that all you remember of the dream? If so, then what is going on in your life (event(s), thought(s) or attitudes, that would make this dream NEW (exciting) NEWS? Like possibly cheering you up when you feel unattractive and hopeless about having any romantic feeling come back into your life. Please give more details or scenes if you remember any--and guess at what could have triggered the dream.