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I 't know what kind of dreamer I would be classified. But

Customer Question

I don't know what kind of dreamer I would be classified. But dream every night. My dreams are very vivid and lucid. When I wake up I can recall my dreams and details about my dreams. Sometimes my dreams are about random things, and sometimes my dreams are about certain things going on in my life at that certain time. But when I'm dreaming, I feel very much in the dream. I've also had a few instances of sleep paralyses but those are very rare.
The reason of this entry is because I recently went for a nap after a tiring day at work. This time I can't remember much of my dream except that it was glowing with colors and I could feel the presence of my mother. My mother passed away last year and throughout the year I would have reoccurring dreams of my mother here and there. However, as of late, I had't had a dream of her, until today. To continue, I remember I was crying at the presence of my mother and then finally she just appeared. Her features weren't very detailed but I knew it was her. We didn't exchange words. I just hugged her as soon as she appeared. But it was that hugged. I felt that hug as if it was real. I actually made real contact with her. It was amazing. I touched and felt someone in my dream. That's never happened before. Has this happened to people before? What do I make of this? Was it a trick of the mind?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.

It's puzzling to be asked the question you've asked: Was the hug you felt with your deceased mother real or not? I could answer "yes" or "no" and justify both. Your brain does know enough of how hugging her felt to reproduce it in a dream. But that facility with "presentification" (kinaesthetic recreation) along with your other unusually vivid dream skills suggests that you have unusually strong and frequent contact with your mother "on the other side" (I only use quotes because I don't know what else to call it.) A woman I knew in her late twenties who had that ability with her deceased brother found that with training she could develop it into psychic reading and channeling skills. This ability to "pierce the veil" between the here and the hereafter is a mixed blessing fraught with significant responsibilities if one pursues it.

It's also important to consider how long you want to keep up regular contact with your deceased mother, because that has an effect on where you are living most intensely with your emotions and goals. You're still in the first year of bereavement, so it's not unusual that your connection with her are strong. In my experience it is normal for the Higher Power that Directs our dreams to design them symbolically to help the dreamer pass through the significant and introverted bereavement experience so that she can come out the other side ready to continue her life without her mother (most of the time) but with significant gains made thru incorporating the relationship now completed. That's not to suggest that everybody should leave behind such a connection to the hereafter to live solely in this world, until they're nearing their own end.

So to your question "Was her hug real?" I respond, "Can you be satisfied that it WAS real and still let her go? Or is keeping her real important enough to you to want to lead part of your life in communication with the "other side," even if that might mean experiencing less of the world on this side during your lifetime?"

There's a lot of wonderful uses you can put your dreams to, such as divine guidance, artistic inspiration (since dreams are artworks just emerging from the unconscious of our species), psychological and/or psychic expertise (ie becoming a counselor or college-trained psychotherapist), understanding aspects of inner and outer reality few others in materialistic societies ever know. etc. For many of these uses you need to study and get serious about keeping track of your dreams. but you'll never be without the awe and wonder that you have now--I've been at it for 54 years and I didn't even realize I was getting spiritual guidance through my dreams, whether I remembered all of them or not, until 12 years or so into my dream-fueled path, when I began my second masters degree in Clinical Psychology @ 30.