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I had a dream last night about my ex-boyfriend.He was

Customer Question

I had a dream last night about my ex-boyfriend.
He was wearing a black suit, standing in front of me & told me that he was getting crazy without me & he wanted me back.
Now in reality I've never seen him wearing suits. He looked much nicer than reality.
There was also my brother and two more people which I don't know, standing with us. He was there unexpected, we wasn't inviting him or waiting for him. I remember I was explaining to my brother that I don't know what's he doing there & I didn't invite him.
What's the meaning of this dream?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
May I ask you some detailed questions about your dream and your daily life?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
Thanks for your cooperation. I like to go through a dream as if it was a story. I will ask you questions about your feelings and perceptions of symbols in the dream and ask if you are experiencing any similar feelings in your everyday life. I may put some things together however, this is a collaborative effort so if what I say does not feel right please let me know. Just a reminder that this is not the interpretation but gathering information. Here are the questions, When you saw your ex-boyfriend in the dream where were you? Were you alone? If you were anywhere specific and with anyone how did you feel about the environment and the people you were with? When you saw your ex in the suit how did you feel in the dream? Do you have any feelings like this in real life? when he told you he was getting crazy without you and wanted you back, how did you feel in the dream? Do you have any similar feelings about him or anyone else in your life? Do you wish he looked nicer in real life? How do feel about your brother? Is he or anyone else intrusive in your life inviting themselves or pushing themselves on you? In real life who broke the relationship off? How do you feel about him now? Do you feel that way about anybody else? I also think your brother's intrusion is very important? Do people try to tell you what to do? Please answer any questions, ask questions, make comments, the more details we have about the dream and your real life the more accurate the interpretation will be. thanks so much Karen Chambre
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
We were all standing somewhere, not clear. I don't know where, but I was standing in front of him & as I said before we weren't alone, there was my brother & two friends. Also those friends wasn't clear in the dream, so I don't actually know who they were, but I was feeling safe with them.
I actually liked that he was wearing suit. He looked stable & serious, which he has never been in reality.
When he told me that he was getting crazy without me, he was standing behind me, hugged me tightly from behind & whispered in my ear that he was getting crazy without me. I'm not sure how I felt about it, maybe surprised but I was complaining & reminding him of what he has done. I think I turned my back on him but still somehow wanted him to come after me.
Yes I wish he looked nicer in real life, specially personality.
About my brother, actually he never said anything about my ex. Our relationship didn't last more then half year so they didn't get to know each other much. And I don't let anyone intrusive in my life.
In real life I was the one who wanted to break up but in the end he made it the way like he broke up, so he was the one who said we need to break up.
I don't honestly know how I feel about him, I'm angry with him & I know he wasn't giving me what a girl expect from her boyfriend, he wasn't a good boyfriend, but still sometimes I feel like I miss him & I get upset that he's not contacting me at all.
Sometimes people try to tell me what to do but I always do what I want to do & everyone knows that.Thanks for your time
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 1 year ago.
Thank for answering my questions. It sounds like you are dealing with some mixed feelings, grief, wishes about the relationship. Sometimes we process our feelings through our dreams. Perhaps the suite was the wish not only that he looked better and was more stable and serious and as you mention in the dream. Also the wish that he was more caring or treated you in way that men treat women.There might be feelings about him, but these issues may have been that he had more of these qualities. The next part of the dream indicates some distrust that he can be the person u wish he could be. He hugs you tightly your not sure how you feel But you do seem angry and tell him how you feel about what he had done. But we see the grief or mixed feelings when you turn you back on him and wish he would come after you. Your brother in the dream may represent a part of you. Perhaps the part that agrees with the breakup. He may also represent advice that friends give in these types of situations. These types of situations are not uncommon. Unfortunately, they can be painful. Sometimes someone touches us emotionally in a deep way in the beginning. Sometimes in an emotional place that has not been touched in a long while. The part of the dream that exhibits this is when he says he is crazy about you and wants you back. We all want to be wanted. Unfortunately, in the beginning we can become enamoured with someone who touches us emotionally but then either is emotionally unavailable or does not treat us well. We keep trying to get back the part that touched us emotionally. But as most people see and usually get trapped in a rollercoaster of feelings. You must have been hurt and you worked it out so he broke up. ( I call this suicide by cop) meaning you do something so he will pull the trigger. It is hard to get over these relationships it sounds like you are grieving him. Also when we haven't seen someone like this for a while we can create a fantasy of who we wish they were or who we thought they were at the beginning. We usually want the fantasy of the person back. Sometimes in these type of relationships people get back together just to convince themselves the other is not good for us. You still have feelings for him however, it might not be the actual person it might just be the good parts that emotionally touched you. You are grieving and perhaps struggling with your decision to break up. But on some level you know he is not right for you. It is a difficult process to get through. Sometimes from these situations we can learn what we don't want in someone but it takes time to grieve. Let me know what you think Karen

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