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I had another dream, third in a row (unusual to remember them

Customer Question

I had another dream, third in a row (unusual to remember them so vividly). In this dream, we were living in a duplex, with daughter's ex bf family on the other side of us. His best friend was there, working on a project in the garage.we were excited to see each other and to catch up on our lives, then the ex bf came out and greeted me with a hug and a kiss and was equally excited to me. His new gf was sleeping on a couch in another part of house. My daughter was in my side of the house garage and when I said her name, the ex bf walked away because he was nervous to see her. Instead he went to the couch and kissed new gf to wake up. She woke up and introduced herself to me, she shook my hand without looking directly at my face. She rudely said, "Let's get over this awkwardness, where is your daughter, I want to meet her so we don't all feel uncomfortable that I am here!" My daughter hid behind a computer desk pretending not to hear us when we called her to meet the new gf. After waiting for a few minutes, the new gf opened the large door to computer area and said, "there she is hiding, I am going to take her picture!" she proceeded to take her picture, then I woke up. What is this dream about? Was the new gf claiming her territory?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Waiting for response from yesterday's dream. Please advise. Thanks.
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
May I ask you some questions about your dream.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Yes, what are your questions?
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
Hi, I usually go through the dream as if it was a story. I will ask u questions about your thoughts and feelings in the dream and if this same attitude relates to anything that is going on in your daily like. I may put some things together. However, this is a collaborative effort, so please tell me if something does not feel right. This is not the interpretation but information gathering. Having three dreams in a row that are similar may mean you are actually working on or struggling with a particular issue. Did you have any feelings about the duplex? What did you feel about your daughter's ex-bf family living on either side of you in the dream? How do you think about them in real life? You answered my question that you were excited to see each other and catch up? Did you have any feelings about the friend working on a project in the garage? I would guess in the dream it was nice to see that your daughters ex-was equally happy do see you? Do you feel similar in real life? What did you feel about his new gf sleeping on the couch in another room? Do you have any similar feeling in real life? When you said your daughters name and her ex-walked away to kiss his new gf what was that like for you?Can I imagine you did not feel great about her rude attitude in dealing with the awkwardness? In your daily life is there someone who would be awkward to meet or has someone been rude to you in a similar situation? Ito meet your daughter? How did you feel in the dream? Is there anyone in your life that is bold and intrusive not caring about the feelings of others? How did you feel about your daughter hiding and pretending not to hear you? In real life is there anyone that is intimidating to you or anyone that you care about who is intimidating them? The new GF seemed very intrusive? Is there anyone of the situation that is so intrusive and breaks boundaries of you, your daughter or anyone else you care about? The new gf seems humiliating. In the dream, your daughter feels uncomfortable and does not want to be noticed. The new girlfriend barges in on her and humiliates her and makes it even worse by taking her picture. She does what she wants and does not seem to care how the other might feel? Is there someone behaving like this in your everyday life? Its interesting that you perceive the new gf was claiming her territory? Is there anyone in your life that is rudely taking over and claiming their territory? Please answer any questions, ask questions, make comments. The more details we get about your dream and your current life the more accurate the interpretation will be. Thank You Karen Chambre

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