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Looking into a mirror i saw a crab crawl out from under my

Customer Question

Looking into a mirror i saw a crab crawl out from under my upper lip. It did not freigten me, rather i was curious, wondering why the crab was living under my skin and beneath my nose. I let the crab craw back under my upper lip towards my nose because i had the feeling it belonged there, and as it returned i felt my skin stretching but without any pain. I then saw the crabs claws sweep over my eyes, without any fear or pain. I looked alien in my reflection and a sense of confusion came over me. Why is this crab here i thought. The crab settled in, but now my nose had grown large and looked swollen. I could see the crab through my nostrils, and then i felt that i should remove the crab but then i awoke.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Martin replied 2 years ago.
Hi. There is many side to that one. There is a parasitic side, because it is a crab there is the "hidding" aspect. There is a lot of context in your recent life problem i miss but i would say that it may have to do with protecting a secret for a long time that you know need to let go. The part about the lips mean you need to talk about it, the part where the nose is swolen may be because the secret might already start to show to others and you prefer to tell it before it is learned by another way.