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My father passed away June of 2012 and I didnt get a chance

Customer Question

My father passed away June of 2012 and I didnt get a chance to say goodbye. I wasn't told his exact cause of death, only that his lungs collapsed at 80 years old. I dreamt that I was at the hospital and overheard the nurse say she made a mistake and killed him. She had done that before and I said I heard everything. I began to cry non stop then woke up. Trying to figure out what the meaning would be. Thank you very much for taking the time to respond.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
May I ask you some questions about your feelings and perceptions in the dream and how they relate to your life. I am very sorry to hear about the death of your father. It would be easy to make a quick interpretation. I like to make it a collaborative effort so the interpretation accurate for you. Thank you, ***** *****
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Sure. In the dream I felt anger and sadness. not sure how they would relate. Feel free to ask away. I look forward to your response.
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
This sounds like a very complicated dream. I like to go through the dream as if it is a story. I will ask you feelings and perceptions about the dream and how this relates to your real life. I may put some things together. However, this is a collaborative effort, so it is important that you see if what I write resonates with you. This is not the interpretation but gathering information. Before we discuss the dream, it is extremely difficult to lose someone without closure. When were you at the hospital where in the hospital were you? How did you feel being there? Were you alone? I imagine you were devastated when the nurse said she killed him? In Real life how has it been to deal with the grief? Did you suspect that he was not well taken care of? Did your Dad die suddenly or was he sick for a while? Obviously you were very upset when you found out the nurse had done this before? Do you remember what you were feeling about her? It sounds like you were really left out. Not only were you not able to be with him when he died but you weren't told the cause of death? Do you know why you were not told the whole story of how he died> Did you feel that someone was keeping the whole story from you? if so how did you feel about this. Sometimes when we don't know what happened we project our own thoughts into the situation. One thought I had is that it might have been hard to deal with your father dying on his own so there may be a feeling that someone killed him. Please answer any questions, ask questions make comments. The more details we get about your dream and your real life circumstance the more accurate the interpretation will be.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
My father passed in Mexico City. He was 80 years old. He was thrown in jail for a"debt" he owed someone. He had been sick on and off and caught pneumonia. He was dehydrated and not well taken care of. They just had more power and locked him away. My step mother was with him. She told me his lung collapsed, same story my older brother told me. She said he had tears running down his face with his eyes closed and then he was gone. The reason why I never went to visit was because every other week they told me he would be getting out in 2 weeks and that went on for 6 months. I don't know if it was suicide, natural causes, stress, etc... I'm my dream I was outside the room where he passed and I overheard the nurse telling the doctor what she had done. I was extremely mad at her, and felt a sense of deep sadness. To this day I'm not sure exactly what the cause was and feel I wasn't told everything. I just got the call one day that he was gone. The day he passed, while awake my leg was pulled twice. The following day, the bathroom door opened on its own and I heard footsteps behind me and I feel someone there with me. I've always felt different presences around me. That's a whole different story. I may have missed a few things. Please let me know if I have. Thank you very much for your help.
Expert:  Psychotherapist replied 2 years ago.
This treatment sound inhumane It seems your dream reflects the conditions that were going on while your dad was sick and in Jail. Many elderly die of pneumonia. Do you know if he caught pneumonia in Jail? If he was already ill, his immune system might have been compromised. When he had pneumonia and was dehydrated was he still in Jail or had he been out and then sent to the hospital or was he sent from the hospital when he was already in Jail. It makes sense to me that you would have dreamed the nurse had killed him because he was treated so badly in the hospital.It is interesting you have a gut feeling that you have not been told everything.I would imagine if he died in Mexico there might not be a coroner's report or autopsy report. In the US, you can get those. Perhaps it's worth a shot. I would wonder in the dream if your anger at how he was treated in Jail came out toward the nurse. Do you know how he was dealt with in the hospital? Did your step-mother of brother talk about the conditions in the hospital and how long he was there?
Do you think he had the strength physically to commit suicide? Also, I have seen many people feel presences around them right after someone they love dies.The type you are describing does not sound unusual. Has it continued for a long time? Also is it a gut feeling that you do not know the whole story or is it the way your stepmother and brother described this to you? Have you had other dreams about your father's death? Or is this the frist one in a while? If so I wonder if something triggered it?