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Dr. Norman Brown
Dr. Norman Brown, PhD
Category: Dream Interpretation
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Experience:  40yrs interpreting dreams & connecting conscious & unconscious minds
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I just had a tremendously vivid dream of some considerable

Customer Question

I just had a tremendously vivid dream of some considerable length. To keep it short, in the dream I dreamed that I was living my normal life, sitting in my room with my friends. It was night time, and I looked out the window to see the massive form of a giant, night sky colored being appear. The giant, which was vaguely man shaped, easily towered over all the buildings in the area.
It began to come towards my home, crushing things as it went. Me and my friends attempt to escape, but are unable, and though I feel no pain, I am eaten by the giant. When this occurs, I wake up in my bed (Still actually dreaming) and live my day again until the next night, where it happens again, and again after that. In the dreams, I am keenly and logically aware of what is happening, knowing that each night I at least remember being chased by a night sky colored giant, and that I am always eaten, and always wake up the next day in my bed, the world unchanged.
I eventually, through tremendous effort, manage to evade the giant for an entire night, and it disappears in the morning. My escape involved my car, so I was in it when I realize that I had escaped, that I had just lived a whole night of what was only supposed to be some weird, reoccurring nightmare. I drive around for awhile, observing my world, and how it appears unchanged, as normal, no panic or military or even damage from the chase, and am flabbergasted.
I return home after skipping work and classes and call my friends and brother for a meeting, there confiding in them my experience. None, despite often being present, seem to recall the events at all, except for my brother, who recalls them happening in a dream. He mentions that I was always running or fighting but never giving up, never going down easy.
At this, and the realization that I have not slept and am still in one continuous moment of waking consciousness, giant chase and all, decide to go downstairs and tell my mother, who is conversing with my aunt. When I go downstairs, I find my old and beloved baby sitter in the kitchen, ignored by the other completely. I don't know how, but I know that she is dead, and that the others can not see her because she is a spirit.
I can talk to her, and I go to her and explain to her that she is dead, and that everything is ok. I hug her, I feel her warmth, and we cry in joy. The giant is still in my mind, but he now seems trivial and unimportant. My baby sitter is dead, but she is not dead, and it is beautiful beyond words.
I take her to the door of my house, and there we are met by someone (maybe her own son) at the door, who offers to take her away. He mentions that he "Managed to slip the system" and is "A lost cog in the machine." I ask him if he is taking her to the other world, and he confirms this, saying, "Ya, its beautiful." before disappearing with her. I am, filled with peace and still joy, and I go inside to explain to my family all that has occurred, from the giant of the night sky, to my baby sitter's spirit.
Some believe me, most dont and offer other explanations, but I don't care that much. I am annoyed that some of them do not think me sound of mind, but I am also reassured in my feelings that this belief or disbelief matter little, because the system we live in works, it is big, and accounts for everything, like a super long mathematical equation that equals +0. A still, peaceful, even goodness.
I woke up after that, very stable, very rested (despite having only gone to sleep MAYBE two hours before) and fully able to remember the entire dream very vividly. What strikes me most about this dream was realism of it, even thinking back I was extremely rational about the whole thing. My thoughts of escape or anything in general were very understandable to a person living this situation. I could also see peoples faces clearly, and I swear that I could "feel" things.
I also woke up extremely calm and peaceful and very well rested. I woke up at around 2 oclock. Despite the peace I feel from the dream, I do not understand it. What was the relevance of the giant, Whom I fought so desperately to escape? My baby sitter, though very old, is not dead to my understanding. Everything seems so vivid, and yet I have not eaten anything strange or changed my lifestyle in any physical way that should prompt these vivid dreams.
I have recently begun seriously meditating, but I did not meditate that day or the day before. I have burning need to know what it all means, or at least get an inkling. It feels very important, and given that I do not generally have nightmares since I have learned to question my dreams and then take control of them, it is very strange to me that during my many escape and escape plans, everything was so real that I do not question it for very long.
I briefly asked myself if I could be dreaming, but dismissed the idea due to how insanely real everything was. If there is anyone who can help, I would be very grateful!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Dream Interpretation
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am very willing to provide more information if it is needed.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
BTW, believe me when I say that this dream was VIVID. There were so many details, large and minor, which I could not fit into this, mostly surrounding the chase and escapes. I would fight in what limited capacity I could, and do all sorts of things to escape (I feel like a professional self defenestrate-or at this point from the amount of times I threw myself through a window to escape). I was SO LOGICAL during most, if not all of it. I made plans, made impromptu alterations to those plans while running (every time), and in general seemed to be using my brain quite extensively. When I finally managed to escape the giant for a whole night, it was like the stars had aligned for it, with as much luck as plan helping me get into my car with enough time to start it, enough road to run away in a straight line (Down I-95) and with few enough cars and traffic to make good on my escape.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Here is some information on myself.I am a 25 year old, male, college graduate (who is completely disillusioned with the university system used by the US). I write fantasy, but of the Lord of The Rings kind, and do not often delve into modern of science fiction, though I consume plenty of it. I also help in the creation of video games and video game plots, and am generally a very capable writer, though the Vidaa games are my bread and butter. A few months ago I had a sort of spiritual awakening when I went to a psychic (Close family friend) and was blown away by her ability to see images in my head, but not know what they mean, demonstrating a process, a science if you will, that applies to what I used to think was hokey spiritual tomfoolery. She told me lots of things I knew, and a whole lot that I did not know but could verify.This has led to me exploring a more diverse spirituality (though I am still christian in prayer and intent, I am unafraid of exploring other spiritualities in sort of scientific way, mostly through noting of correlations), and has guided me to meditation, which I have found incredibly useful in regards ***** ***** self control, and what I call liquid peace (When all things just bounce off of you no matter how terrible). I have many friends with which I discuss spiritual and philosophical matter, usually while smoking a joint and/or drinking a cold one. My family is at peace now, though this was not the case in the past, and I have a pretty stable life.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I am recently going into my mothers business, life insurance, in order to pay more bills. It is a field that I feel is greatly unknown to me, though I am being put into an executive position. Also, having my mom as my boss kind of sucks. Most recently, my grandfather, whom I never personally knew very well, has died, he was survivor of the WW2 concentration camps, and was, understandably, a complex and, at times, brutal man. His Funeral was very dramatic, with lots of people I thought hated him crying and making a big scene, though I strongly question the validity of some of those tears.I am about to move into a new home, and thanks to my new job, my new home, my (Relatively) recent spiritual awakening, which began just prior to December, I feel as though I am slipping into the next large phase of my life. I am also getting a pet pig...though I dont know (or think) if that has anything to do with this.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
I will have a good time dividing your dream into as many scenes as are separable, which helps to discover the psycho-logic of dream development. Because of over 50 yrs experience and numerous different interpretation systems, mainly Freudian (structure, not pathologizing), Jungian (symbolism, wisdom guidance) and Phenomenological (precise differential-diagnosis of symbols & details) and a PhD in literary german studies (using psychoanalysis & phenomenology) and heavy involvement with reading & writing literature myself. But I can't get started until tomorrow.
If there are some scenes you have left out, please add them back in. And I will probably ask you associative and phenomenological questions about many parts, and it will take me a couple hours at least, so I may ask for more money after I've shown you whether you can expect NEW Knowledge from this dream or not.
For now thank you for ALL your fine thoughts about what circumstances may have given rise to the dream. I'd like you to list the places in your dream that are most SURPRISING or SHOCKING to you, because they are exceptionally fruitful for our work.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
OK, Then I will tell you about the more surprising or impactful scenes in my dream. The First would be the initial appearance of the Giant, who, again, is not a mass of shadow or what I would call a "Shadowy" being, but looks like a man shaped figure who has been "dipped" into the night sky like one might dip something into paint. Stars shine within it as they do in the night sky, and it is never clouded by clouds, even if the sky is.In any case, I am in my room with my friends and brother, relaxing, smoking, and talking. It is night time outside and my windows are open, the blinds pulled up, which is somewhat unusual, since I dislike the sun, but not unheard of, since I will sometimes open the blinds to let in lights on cloudy days and will forget to close them until I am just about to go to sleep. I am sitting on my bed, and through the window I see the sky open up, almost silently, and giant descend. When it lands a shakes the earth and everyone notices and I point them all to the window so that they can see it.I do not remember the specifics of their reactions, as I myself was busy marveling at the thing, my mind filling with all sorts of explanations. Alien Giants, Nephilim from the stories, some kind of dimensional life form. All of these guesses were outlandish, but nothing could be as outlandish as the giant that was very much there, there and coming closer. When it landed, it landed pretty distant, and I remember being able to see more from my bedroom window than I should have, by which I mean I could see further than the houses in my gated to community, which is normally not possible.Though it landed in the distance, I remember it coming closer, each step giving a distant, soft tremor, like a distant T rex in Jurassic park. And it was headed this way. I have a brief, panicked discussion with my friends about what to do and what it is. Initially I am very much of the opinion that it CAN NOT be headed this way, or if it is, it is not coming after any of us, muchless me. I do not hold to this however, as with its third lumbering step it is made plain to me that it is indeed coming this way, and that each one of its slow, titanic footfalls brings it much closer to us than it should.I rush my friends out of the room, and we begin to run. We forgo the use of cars (again I do not think that it is coming after us or me specifically) so as to use our small size to our advantage, we can't be more than ants to this thing after all. We scatter after getting outside, though me and my brother stick close together. This is all very clear to me, and it is the scene that kicks off the rest of the dream. What follows is a desperate chase which involves me and my brother running for our lives and doing all manner of desperate things to escape pursuit (Jumping though windows, kicking down doors into buildings, throwing furniture out of the way, jumping off balconies that we could survive, ect.) as the giant methodically and calmly chases us, tearing open buildings with his hands as easily as you could open a pistachio nut. This ends abruptly when I am picked up and eaten. The first time this happens, I am so panicked and everything is happening so fast that I am "dead" almost before I can realize it, and "awaken" (Still asleep in truth) the next day in my bed, the world peaceful and normal.This is followed by several more nights of being chased and eaten by the night giant, who is never overly violent in its pursuit or consumption of me and my brother, who accompanies me on many of the chases, despite that he does not live with me in real life, though he does live nearby. It is in these scenes that I find my next few surprising moments.There is a time when I am laying beneath sparse bushes, attempting to hide and escape. The Giant is above me, and I think there is something on its shoulder at that moment, though I do not know for sure. All I know is that I had an intuitive feeling that, despite that I should be easily spotted from above since it can see through buildings, it would at least have a hard time seeing me laid flat against the grass, as though I were camouflaged. This was one of my most terrible losses to the giant, for while it stood only paces from me and seemed to hesitate, as if it were having trouble finding me (or silently laughing at me laying on the ground), it still found me after a few moments, picked me up with its thumb and forefinger, and swallowed me whole. again.Another bunch of scenes which are bright in my mind are the escapes. I jumped through a window so many times I lost count, since the giant would have to bend over to pry open a house, and in that position, if I was unexpected enough, and fast enough, I could delay my capture, forcing it to take time to stand upright before it could continue walking after me. This often meant self defenestration, but could also be a bunch of other things, such as breaking through drywall or jumping from a second story.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Then there is my actual escape, in which I get in my car and drive away. I am faster, in my car, than the walking giant, but it could easily catch up if it ran. It does not, and I watch it, still walking in pursuit, fade away in my rear view mirror. Then the morning comes and the giant and its shaking footsteps disappear. I drive around them, observing my world and how undisturbed it is, and wonder if I am going insane.I drive by my school, and find that university is still open, no emergency has been sounded. I drive by the destroyed buildings only to see that they are whole and unharmed. No military, no police, no reaction from the world to indicate what I had just lived through. I spend a LOT of time driving around, skipping my classes and ignoring work.When I drive home, I call a meeting of my friends and tell them everything that has happened. I remember VERY clearly that no one except my brother could remember these things happening, and even he only remembers them from dreams. I also remember clearly that he stated that I never went down without fighting or running admirably. At this I decide to tell my mother (keep in mind that I am panicking, my whole world has changed, this new part of my life, that being the nightly chases, has rearranged all my priorities and life perspectives, as well as my understanding of reality) about the occurrences, mostly seeking comfort and money to pursue some kind of discovery. It is at this point that I have the most vivid part of the dream.In the kitchen, my mom is speaking with my aunt. With them is my baby sitter from back in the day, and though I do not know how I know this, I know that she is dead and that I am looking at her spirit. The other two do not notice her, but I go over to speak with her. The giant is still on my mind, but this seems SOOO much more important. I talk to her, and I tell her that she is dead.We speak for a few moments about this, marveling at survival after death, and at the beautify of existence and gods mercy in making it so. We weep together in joy and I hug her, and feel her warmth. I take her to the door of my home, and when I open it, we are met by another spirit who appears to be a close but deceased relation of my baby sitter. He greets her and tells her that he is going to take her away.He also mentions, in regards ***** ***** giant I believe, that he has "Slipped the system" and is now a "loose gear in the machine." I ask him if he is taking her to the other world, and he tells me that he is, and that "It is beautiful". I say my goodbyes and he leaves with her. I turn back to see my mother and aunt, who have been watching me talk to the air, and explain to them what has happened.The family meets to discuss this, and they listen to me retell the story. I am still very much aware of the giant, but I suddenly do not care about the giant at all. I am no longer afraid of him. In the kitchen my family hears my story and tries to logically explain it away. I feel a mild annoyance at this, but I do not fight their interpretations, though I would have surely done so before. The rest of the day is peaceful, and that night, before the giant shows up, I go to sleep, and consequently wake up in real life in my bed, very well rested, very warm, and very peaceful.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
These are the things I remember the most.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Let me know if you need anymore information.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your interest. I know this is going to take a lot of time, and I relish the challenge. But I have ONLY today left to finish as much as I can of a lengthy prospectus for Norton Press, on a book I've been preparing since 2003 and with a leading neuroscientist, who has actually named his field "Affectiv3e Neuroscience" in his first ever textbook in 1998, as my coauthor for the revision: The Emotional Dynamics of Love: Psychology, Neuroscience and the Experience. I have to send pieces of the prospectus like Chapter Outlines & Chapter Summaries, Marketing Plan, and Bio-platform to Jaak Panksepp before he leaves for a monthlong European speaking tour tomorrow. So I have to work on that today (and yesterday), and I can't do my structuring of your dream until after I've gone as far as I can sensibly. I'm also sole inhome caregiver for both my wife and daughter, though my wife doesn't need much help at present. So I apologize in advance for another day's delay. But the results will be worth it.
PS. Just reading the first scene, which normally functions as the Exposition of a serial drama for which the rest of the dream is the (often convoluted) development, I can say that your grandfather (German "Grossvater"--means LARGEFATHER) as a looming presence in your life is the presenting theme in the dream, that your hero- journey will then seek to modulate and transform. And I'm going to use whatever language seems accurate, with definitions added from professional psychology, because you appear to be well educated. Main symbols like "large nightsky figure" are also bivalent, that is both ominous and grand--because Jungian psychology has named a "father archetype" with a spiritual dimension called "sky-father" as a counterpart of the "great mother" as "earth mother." So you're dealing with archetypal energies (originally a Platonic concept adopted by Jung), which is especially likely IF your biological father played little or no role in your childhood, or died when you were young. That's all I can write for now.
Expert:  Dr. Norman Brown replied 2 years ago.
Now I've reread your writing, and it seems that your dreams reflect the same creativity that your writing manifests. There's even the recurrent theme that the destructive actions of the nightsky giant turn out to be fictional when you look for their effects after awakening.
There's also the methodical approach of the giant, who seems to be confident of his eventual success in catching and devouring you. Are you familiar with Greek myths of Chronos devouring his children? and the paintings by Rubens and Goya of that bloody scene? I am most interested in the myth as you have recreated it in your dreams, where the model for devouring giant seems to be your grandfather (maternal or paternal?).
Where and Who is your biological father in these pictures? Before I go any further, I want to hear about the role your biological father has played in your family and your life. The central roles seem to be played by your mother and your grandfather (her father?), and you're engaged in trying to sever your umbilical chord and escape from what might be your mother's strong hand protecting you from your grandfather's engulfing&obliterating ego-identity, compared to yours.
Since you're actively engaged in fantasy-writing as an ongoing professional activity, these dreams may be playing their role as something like an underwater-reversemirror-image reflection of the same issues you're working on symbolically in your videogames and fantasy-writing--where the writing is ego-directed transformation of unconscious elements and the dreams are raw molecular structures in Brownian motion orbiting around your existing mythic structures like lost souls still crowding in on your consciousness in hopes of achieving a meaning that would give them passports to regulate their comings and goings.
So help me understand who you father is/was and how family myths about him, mother and gradmother are each different, yet matching in somewhut not all manifestations.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
my parents are divorced, though despite this my father has kept a very close relationship with me and my brother. There were attempts, early in the separation, to keep him away from us, but they did not succeed. admittedly though, they did manage to make him a more uncommon figure in my early child. he has taught me many many life lessons, and has been the source of tremendous wisdom for me in my life. he is a loving presence, very supportive, and very very wise.he does not live with me however, unlike my mom who lives next door. he is also not financially well off most of the time, and can sometimes get himself in trouble for stupid reasons.he is probably where my creative side comes from, and I often go to him with questions about life and reality when I'm looking for answers. when I'm looking for financial support and total irrational support I go to my mom. When I'm afraid I tend to seek her out. When I'm curious I seek him out. I also greatly enjoy spending time with him. he is not a sternal or distant father, and is very much a very warm loving presence in my life.I never had much contact with my grandfather, and I find that I did not have a close bond with him of almost any kind. in my youth I hated him, or at least thought I did, as he was the source of almost all the family drama on my moms side. the family on my dads side is very United, and very close, with no rivalries and intense camaraderie between mother's side of the family is extremely different, with extreme rivalries which can incite hateful competition, which is usually begun at the behest of my grandfather, who was very controlling, and like I said, a very complicated man. the amount of TV drama that occurs, even today, on my moms side of the family is staggering and I maintain a healthy distance between my aunt and uncle on my mother's side.strangely enough, it is my mother's side of the family that I remember being in the kitchen listening to my story, and then dissenting it afterwards. In any case, my grandfather did not have a lot to do with my direct raising, his death was very strange for me. Essentially, he is the opposite of my real father, who, though not consistently, has often been there for me and has always unconditionally loved me, though he is never shy from sharing even is more uncomfortable wisdoms when he feels I will benefit, & I often do.I don't know if it's relevant, but my grandfather on my fathers side is also dead. He died when I was much younger, & I don't have very many memories of him, though I do have a clear picture of his face in my mind. because of his limited time around me, I do not have a very personal connection to this grandfather, however he is spoken of with incredible love and extreme respect by my father's side of the family and there are never any bad stories about him, though he was, according to my father, a distant man composed of moral duty and family honor. both of my grandmother's are still alive.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
as for Chronos, I do know about him and his habit of swallowing his children, and I have seen the paintings. the paintings do not show what I experienced. I was never torn apart, or even bittin, simply swallowed whole. I never got the sense that the sky giant was my father or grandfather, especially not my grandfather. the giant is tall, even if he were shrunk to proportional human size, with thick limbs, and a powerful demeanor. This was never my image of my grandfather, who was a holocaust survivor, and old and hunched when I knew him before he died.though I agree that the figure and the tale of Kronos bear a kind of resembling, a strong resemblance at that, my father was never a represing figure, nor was he one who overshadowed me. I do not feel that my father would ever devour me.